Coastal Cowgirl Is Totally In This Year — How To Make The Trend Work For You

You may have heard of the coastal grandmother TikTok trend, but there's a new coastal trend here to take over, and it's called coastal cowgirl. Exactly how it sounds, the coastal cowgirl trend involves pairing breezy coastal style with traditional Western pieces– imagine dreamy days at the beach married to hot nights gathered around a campfire at a country ranch.

If your mind instantly goes to lots of denim, beach dresses, and cowboy boots, you're on the right track to creating your own coastal cowgirl look. It's time to dust off your old denim jacket, find your best cut-offs, and start practicing your best country twang (maybe not that last one), because you'll be seeing an influx of beachy cowgirl looks everywhere.

Here's everything you need to know about pulling off the coastal cowgirl trend, including the main pieces you should be looking out for, the color palette, and our best tips for styling it.

Any coastal cowgirl needs a pair of boots to get started

It may seem obvious, but the first thing you'll need to achieve a coastal cowgirl aesthetic is a pair of cowboy boots. Embrace classic, quintessential country-girl vibes by choosing boots that are in a neutral shade; for example cream, beige, or even white as @madeline.hagmann suggests. Typical cowboy boots are made of leather, but suede is also a good option if you live somewhere you don't often see rain. 

The key fabrics aren't difficult to get your hands on

As for fabrics, it's all about typical Western-style staple pieces like denim jackets, leather and suede for cowboy boots, linen or cotton for dresses, skirts, and tops, and fringe on well, everything. The devil is in the details with this trend — a pretty white blouse should have eyelets and denim shorts should be embroidered. The base pieces here are pretty simple, so you probably already have a few in your wardrobe that could be updated to fit the trend with an arts and crafts session. 

Keep jewelry minimal for a casual coastal vibe

When it comes to coastal cowgirl accessories, you'll want to tap into the bits and beads jewelry trend. As demonstrated by @rachspeed, layered bead necklaces or even pearl necklaces instantly add a coastal feel to any cowgirl look. If you want to bring some color to your look, jewelry is the perfect area to do so, but stick to pastels as the coastal cowgirl aesthetic mainly utilizes neutral shades. Remember that cowboy hats are also a huge part of this trend, so don't go overboard with jewelry. 

Breezy silhouettes are a big part of the trend

For the main part of your outfit, you'll want to look for loose, flowy silhouettes. Dresses are commonly seen across the #coastalcowgirl hashtag on Instagram, but with draped, relaxed silhouettes instead of tighter ones. It doesn't matter if your dress is mini or midi, so long as your cowboy boots are visible. Tiered skirts are also very popular, as are sleeveless cotton blouses. Denim is another major go-to – we recommend throwing a denim jacket over a dress for an easy way to hop on the trend. 

The coastal cowgirl color palette is muted and calm

Part of what makes the coastal cowgirl aesthetic so easy to put together is the muted color palette. As seen in @laurenlicup's styling video, white and cream are the two most popular colors in the coastal palette, with a splash of blue thrown in via denim shorts and jackets. The coastal cowgirl trend is all about looking fresh and carefree, so make sure you're searching for dresses you can spin around in, or jeans with flared ends for a nod to the '70s style sometimes seen within this aesthetic.