Lip Liner Nails: The French Manicure Look That Gives Micro A Whole New Meaning

Nail trends come and go, but some classic styles are forever. When you're looking for ways to shake up your style, nothing will make you feel as put together as a fresh manicure. The French manicure is a timeless nail style you can't go wrong with, and now, there's a new minimalist take on the simple look. Lip liner nails, also known as micro-tip French manicures, are the latest buzz. "A micro French is a modern and delicate take on the classic French manicure. Instead of a thick white tip, this manicure typically features a thin, delicate line painted along the edge of the nail, giving it a more subtle, unique look" Juanita Huber-Millet, Founder and Creative Director at Townhouse, tells Glamour UK

This nail style is perfect if you have short nails but still want to work with what you have and achieve a barely there, minimalist-but-sophisticated aesthetic.

Have fun with the different variations of the nail style

There are plenty of fun and unique variations of lip liner nails you can experiment with. All you need is an ultra-thin French tip in any color to nail the look. You can't go wrong with a modern French manicure with a twist. All you need is sheer, milky pink nail polish for the base, and a thin white micro-tip on the top. Julie K, a celebrity manicurist based in NYC, tells Refinery29 that when it comes to a micro French tip, "the important thing is that the base color — usually milky white or pink — has enough coverage to hide the natural smile line, where the pink nail bed and white free edge meet."

Looking to add a bit more color to your nails? Revamp your spring manicure with pastel French tips. Make sure you ask for a micro-french tip at the nail salon, and bring in a few photos to show just how thin you want your tip.

How to get lip liner nails at home

If you love DIY-ing your nails at home, you can easily achieve lip liner nails alone. First, prep your nails with a file, push the cuticles back, and buff your nails. Once you're happy with the shape, apply a base coat. We recommend OPI's Bubble Bath for a creamy, neutral shade. Then it's time to add the lip liner tip. You can either use a thin liner brush to gently swipe the French tip across your nails, or you can try the viral French manicure trick to seamlessly apply the tip. Simply wrap a beauty blender in plastic wrap, add a small dollop of nail polish to it, and press your nail into the nail polish. It will stamp into your nail and give you an effortless, near-perfect French tip. Once your tip is finished, add a top coat to seal the polish for the finishing touch.