Ombre Brows Are The Less Intense Microblading Alternative For A Snatched Eye Look

Eyebrows are the crown of the face. If your eyebrows are done, you basically don't even need anything else to look put together. On the flip side, if the eyebrows are off, everything is off.

Filling in your brows on a daily basis can get tiresome. If you're not feeling the bleached eyebrow trend but would still like something more permanent, there are many options to consider. From short-term to super permanent, there is an eyebrow enhancement technique for everyone.

If you're a beginner and want to play it safe, consider looking into eyebrow tinting. It's just like dyeing your hair, and it will fade over a shorter period of time. Alternatively, if you're seriously over having to constantly do something to your brows to make them look good, microblading is a pretty popular method of semi-permanent brow augmentation. Still, it can be too much for some. The less intense microblading alternative for a snatched look is ombré brows.

Ombré brows are a more natural look

Classic microblading can often result in harsh-looking brows, which not everyone wants. If you're looking to achieve a more natural look overall but still want something semi-permanent, the ombré brow technique is the perfect solution.

"An ombré brow treatment is a semi-permanent makeup technique that mimics a soft-shade brow pencil look created by placing extremely thin dots of pigment into the skin," Jaimineey Patel, head of education at London's Blink Brow Bar, shared with Cosmopolitan. The main difference between microblading and the ombré brow technique is the application of the pigment. "Microblading uses a hand-held tool to create hair-like strokes into the skin, whereas ombré brows are achieved by creating tiny dots to fill in the brows," Patel further explained.

The ombré effect provides a much more natural, softer brow look while still filling out the sparse sections. According to Patel, the entire process is pretty simple. First, you'd get a consultation and a patch test to ensure your skin won't react to any of the products used. Then, you'd settle on a desired shape alongside your beauty technician. The last step is getting the treatment done and showing off your new brows!

The aftercare and lifespan of ombré brows

As with any treatment of this kind, ombré brows need some TLC. Joey Healy, a celebrity eyebrow specialist, told Byrdie he advises "to come back to check on your results about two or three weeks later and see if there's more to do or little adjustments to make."

There's upkeep on your side, too, in the beginning. "Avoid getting the brows wet for 10 days. This includes keeping your face dry in the shower. You also want to avoid excessive sweating and makeup for a week," Healy explained. Your beauty professional should provide you with all the information you need about the aftercare of your new brows.

After it's all done, you get to enjoy your ombré brows for a while. "[They] can last anywhere from two to five years with regular top-ups. Your results can also depend on factors such as lifestyle, skin type, and sun exposure," Patel said to Cosmopolitan. That's quite a long time! It might just be time to ditch hacks like using regular mascara on your brows to achieve that snatched-eye look.