Gray Blending Can Be A Long And Lengthy Process. Here's Why

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With progressive beauty standards being introduced into the mainstream, more people are realizing what a gift aging really is. Each smile line, wrinkle around the eye, and gray hair symbolize a long life well lived. Why would you ever want to hide that? Celebrities like Jamie Lee Curtis and Meryl Streep proudly show the beauty of embracing age, encouraging other women to let their grays grow in.

As you know, getting gray hairs isn't something that happens overnight. It's a gradual process, often starting with the roots turning silvery before the rest of your hair. You may not love the look of grown-out roots but trust the process. Once the gray is grown out, you can decide whether you want more gray or whether you want it to look more blended in with your hair. Either way, this can be achieved via the process of gray blending.

What is gray blending?

Similar to a balayage hair treatment, gray blending involves using the natural shades of your hair to either highlight or minimize the amount of gray in your hair. The process is great for people who don't want to wait around waiting for their hair to turn gray. If you have longer hair or your hair grows at a glacial pace, then anticipating the roots to reach the end of your hair is painful.

Gray blending is done using a combination of balayage and highlighting. A lighter balayage will be applied all around the hair. Within these larger sections, smaller pieces of hair will be lightened even more for a brightening effect that brings out the naturally silver colors found within your strands.

The result is hair without any stark lines of white and gray that stand out against the rest of your hair. Since gray blending adopts the balayage technique, any color difference won't be noticeable when the roots grow out. The price for gray blending depends on the salon and area, but on average, it can cost anywhere from $200-250.

How to maintain gray hair

Thankfully, you don't have to frequent the salon all the time to maintain blended gray hair. It can last up to six months without looking faded, with maintenance trips every few weeks. For at-home upkeep, knowing the right way to take care of your gray hair is important. To maintain the color of your hair, use products that keep the color intact without turning the hair brassy.

Due to the lack of melanin production, gray hair can take on a different texture, making it more coarse and wiry. It can also have a yellow tint. To maintain the softness and brighten your mane, use the Kerastase Blond Absolu Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo. The hair's blue and purple pigments help keep your gray strands looking luminous. It also contains hyaluronic acid, hydrating your hair.

Use the Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter Hair Mask to prevent your gray hair from getting too dry. Formulated with coconut and macadamia oils, this mask nourishes extra-dry hair. It can also be used as a leave-in treatment for hair that needs a bit more love.