Here's The Right Way To Take Care Of Your Gray Hair

Is 2020 giving you grays? Not to worry — gray hair is gorgeous and can involve a relatively low amount of maintenance. According to Byrdie, as we grow older, our hair loses pigment which changes the color along with the texture. That's why gray hair can feel different and thus call for different care routines. Gray hair often is much more coarse than many of us are used to and may come with more dryness and frizziness as well, the outlet notes. But, gray hair also comes with benefits like increased volume and shine.

Natural gray hair is more prone to contaminants because it's more porous, which may lead to discoloration — particularly if you have hard water in your shower. To prevent your hair from adopting a yellowish or faded hue, Byrdie recommends starting to use a toner. Just like for blonde hair, using a purple or blue toner can offset any opposing colors that may be zapping the vibrancy from your mane. 

Prevention recommends using a color-toned shampoo or conditioner twice a month to keep your color fresh as well. Plus, getting a trim every six to eight weeks helps gray hair look more polished, as the texture can be more frizzy. Yvette Gonzalez, stylist and makeup artist, tells readers to, "Ask your stylist not to use a razor, because it can cause the ends to fray, making your whole style seem untidy."

Sun can drastically affect gray hair

Yes — gray hair can burn in the sunlight. When left without protection for too long, the rays can change the color of your mane to a bright yellow hue, Byrdie notes. Cover your strands whenever you're in the sun and remember to monitor how long you've been exposed. Prevention also recommends washing your hair every other day to ensure removal of build-up that can leave your hair looking less-than-bright.

Your products should be loaded with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients that don't weigh the hair down either — the classic dilemma. However, these ingredients help protect against UV damage and other environmental contaminants, Prevention contends. Just avoid any styling product or shampoo that contains heavy ingredients with waxes and oils, as they can dampen shine. Finally, making a regimen of brushing your hair nightly helps evenly distribute your mane's natural oils to the ends of your strands, Byrdie explains. This makes way for more shine and gloss. 

Going gray may require you to switch up your hair care routine, but your new color can bring on a sense of confidence and excitement when you embrace your new look!