Long Bobs: The Ideal Haircut If You Can't Quite Part With Your Voluminous Locks

Trendy short hair's grip on 2023 is continuing with the extreme bob haircut, super-cropped shags, and many, many more. Yet, while most of us want to be on-trend, that doesn't mean we're all going for a drastic chop. Luckily, there's a haircut that's perfect for folks who want to maintain their hair's volume while still getting a cut that makes them feel fresh and updated. This cut is called the long bob –– AKA the "lob" –– and while you've undoubtedly heard of this classic cut, you may be surprised to discover just how versatile it really is. There are so many cute lob haircut ideas you'll absolutely love, regardless of what you're looking for in a hairstyle or your hair type. 

So, is the lob the new haircut for you? We have a feeling that the answer is 'yes,' because this cut is the perfect midpoint between long and short hair and looks great on basically everyone. Hairstylist and artistic director of education at Sachajuan, Trey Gillen, told Byrdie, "Lobs are the best of both worlds. I love a good collarbone lob; it's a strong shape that perfectly frames the face. I think women love the ease of styling a lob." So, if you're looking for a new haircut that's as on-trend as it is classic and as versatile as it is low-maintenance, we've got some advice: it's time to stop sleeping on the lob. 

Find the lob that fits you

Our favorite it-girls from Zendaya to Margot Robbie have rocked a lob in recent years –– and for good reason. Not only do lobs work with any hair texture or face shape, but there are also plenty of different styles, so you can choose the one that fits your vibe. For starters, bangs have been all-the-rage lately, and everything from blunt fringe to baby curtain bangs are making the rounds on social media. Bangs can pair perfectly with easy breezy waves and a shoulder-length lob. Another on-trend way to hop on the lob bandwagon is by incorporating loads of layers. Layers add plenty of volume and shape to your hair, and this can bring your lob to life if your locks are naturally straight and thin. If you have tight curls, long layers, a bit of extra length, and a deep side part can be chic.

If your style is a bit sleeker, a lob can work for you, too. A sliced lob gets ever-so-slightly longer in the front and can look especially put-together and chic when paired with straight hair. You can also opt for a blunt cut and a voluminous blowout. When it comes to lobs, the possibilities are endless. It's all about finding the lob that perfectly fits your hair type, face shape, and style. That said, once you choose your lob, you'll have a cut that feels as fresh and on-trend as you are.