Captain Glenn Received The Best Advice From The Other Below Deck Captains - Exclusive

"Below Deck Sailing Yacht" is back for its fourth season, and Captain Glenn Shephard can't wait for fans to see new episodes of the show. "It takes place in Sardinia. I've got the dream team there, which is fantastic, and there are also some very interesting new people, new additions to the team," he told The List. "Some crazy stuff happens, which is typical, unfortunately, but I think the audience is going to find it really interesting." 

For season 4, Captain Glenn welcomes back chief stew Daisy Kelliher, first mate Gary King, and chief engineer Colin Macrae, along with a whole host of new crew members. However, it seems as though the Parsifal III is set to face some tumultuous times, from demanding guests to mechanical issues to unpredictable love triangles. As "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" returns to our screens, The List caught up with Captain Glenn to find out if any of the other "Below Deck" captains ever gave him any advice — and it turns out that OG captains Sandy and Lee have a wealth of advice about how to handle life on a reality TV show.

"I have a great relationship [with them]. I chatted with both of them before I started doing Season 1," Captain Glenn said. "I ask someone who has that experience, 'What's it like?' and they basically both told me, 'Just be yourself.'"

Keeping close with Captain Lee and Captain Sandy

The "Below Deck" franchise continues to expand, proving just how popular the sailing show has been with viewers. And though Captain Glenn Shephard is now several seasons into "Sailing Yacht," he's grateful for the pointers that Captains Lee and Sandy gave him before he started. "It was amazing advice because you're going to be in front of the camera," Captain Glenn said.

He explained that their suggestion to "just be yourself" proved invaluable as he headed into his first reality TV show. "You don't want to be up here boring or weird or whatever," he told us. "We're not actors; we're people doing a job that happens to be filmed and shown on television, and the best advice [is] 'Just be yourself.' The audience is going to see whoever you are anyway; it'll come through. That was the best advice." "Below Deck" fans will no doubt be excited to find out that the captains of the franchise appear to be friends who support one another.

Season 4 of "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" airs Monday nights on Bravo, and episodes are available to stream the next day on Peacock.