How To Apply Blush To A Narrow Face

There have been many blush trends in recent years, ranging from the ombre blush craze to the viral C blush technique. While this step of your makeup routine might appear simple in nature, there are lots of ways you can play around with product type, application technique, coloring, and even placement.

For those wondering where exactly you should place this cosmetic, makeup artists recommend using your face shape for guidance. If you're uncertain, there are some easy ways to determine your face shape. For those with more narrow or oblong appearances, experts recommend a blush placement focused on widening the cheekbones.

Of course, the only proper way to apply makeup is the way you like best. While a little guidance can be helpful sometimes, makeup is also meant to be a fun way to express yourself and experiment with different looks. That being said, check out these expert tips if you're looking for some narrow face pointers.

What it means to have a narrow face

While you might've identified your face shape as more narrow or oblong, you may be wondering what exactly this means. Essentially, oblong faces, sometimes referred to as oval-shaped, are longer than they are wide, lending themselves to narrower cheekbones, chins, and foreheads.

For reference, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Kelley Rowland, and Leona Lewis are all examples of celebrities with oblong faces and narrower features. Not everyone with an oblong or oval face shape will necessarily have narrow features, as Blake Lively and Sandra Oh have oval-shaped faces without particularly narrow cheekbones and chins.

As for the significance of face shape, board-certified plastic surgeon David Shafer, MD, FACS, tells Real Simple that "knowing and understanding your face shape can be important for a number of reasons—[like] when choosing a hairstyle, picking sunglasses, grooming your eyebrows, or applying makeup...It also allows you to play with dimension and know which parts of your face you want to emphasize or minimize."

Applying blush to this face shape

Knowing what it means to have a more narrow face shape, we can move on to expert recommendations for blush applications. Because those with oblong faces can have leaner cheekbones, makeup artists typically shy away from blush applications that will elongate these features. As editorial and celebrity makeup artist Katie Mellinger explains to Byrdie, "Stick closer to the apples of the cheeks and try to pick a blush with a bit of shimmer."

The TikTok from @melbellles demonstrates the differences between an elongating and widening blush placement, explaining that those with narrow cheekbones might prefer to broaden them rather than going for the popular snatched look. TikTok user @ekatatandukar also recommends applying blush across the nose, as this can provide a sun-kissed look while adding some horizontal variation to a narrow face shape.

As mentioned, how you apply your blush is ultimately up to your personal preference. While these experts tips can help you understand exactly how you can play around with the dimensions of your face, we recommend going with whatever look you like best for yourself.