The Best Braided Hairstyle Trends You'll Want To Wear In 2023

Braids are a beautiful hairstyle that not only fuels your confidence but empowers your hair's health. This hairdo protects your scalp and ends, which is the key to promoting hair growth. It is fabulous for natural or transitioning hair, straight or curly locks, and you can embrace braids with or without extensions. We've seen plaits on the red carpet and runways thanks to celebrities like Zendaya, Keke Palmer, and Beyoncé. Whether it's simple baby braids or woven strands that look like an art piece, there's a style fit for everyone.

Professional hair stylist Nunzio Saviano told Byrdie, "In my opinion, braids will never be out of the picture. They're always going to be fashionable because they're practical and chic." We agree. Who doesn't love a low-maintenance yet versatile beauty look? It is no surprise this hairdo staple has been around for centuries. And we have a snippet of the braided hairstyles trending this time around.

Embrace your royalty with goddess box braids

Box braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles. Traditionally, the hair extensions are knotted at your scalp and woven with your hair in a three-strand braid. However, knotless braids also seamlessly twist all the hair together. To upgrade either your knotless or box braids, try the goddess style. This chic twist leaves a few strands out of the braids adding fairly-like curls. It is perfect for curly hair lovers who don't want to compromise all their waves for braids.

The classic cornrows are still on trend

You can't mention braids without cornrows. Sometimes this style is tucked under head scarves and wigs, but it is also a classic look worthy of the spotlight. You can get traditional cornrows that plait the hair back or try horizontal cornrows that start from the center and are braided across your scalp. You can't go wrong with either style. It is a great braided hairstyle for short hair. And the simple look makes it ideal for accessories like beads, cuffs, rings, and charms.

Fulani braids are a must

After Rihanna walked the red carpet with Fulani braids, this hairstyle has only gained steam. The style typically has cornrows at the front of your hair and one braid woven straight down the center. Sometimes the hair closest to the ear is plaited from back to front for an added twist. There are various innovations of this style to switch up how you can get Fulani braids. No matter what, it will be red-carpet ready and a look you'll want to rock all year.

The refreshing twist of lemonade braids

Lemonade braids got its name from Beyoncé's "Lemonade" album. She appeared on the cover with blonde braids setting a trend that has yet to go out of style. This look of wrap-around braids is similar to side-swept cornrows. The longer the braids, the better, but you can still pull off this look with shoulder-length hair. If Queen Bey wore them, you know they are an elegant look for center stage. The hardest part is picking whether braids will cascade down your left or right side.

Braids, meet bob

Everyone knows the bob hairstyle. It has been reinvented with the blunt ends and bangs, but now it is getting a braided upgrade. This hairstyle is perfect for those who want a protective style but still keep their hair short. You get the asymmetry of a classic bob that is fun and flowy but also the depth of braids. If a blunt bob is more your style, you can opt for that braided version or any of the bob's iterations.

A ponytail, but make it braids

If you love a ponytail and braids, you'll be overjoyed by the braided ponytail. It is the ideal low-maintenance hairstyle. You wake up, and your hair is already pulled back in one. Leave a few face-framing braids out at the front to give it that extra oomph. This is another fabulous hairstyle for accessories. Giant scrunchies will wrap effortlessly around the ponytail. You can even add beads or cuffs to the end of your bang pieces. It is a great warm weather style when you don't want a bunch of hair making you hotter.

We love heart braids

A braided heart is the cutest hairstyle you can ask for. You can incorporate this decal in any of the braided looks to give it a unique twist. Some opt for just one heart at the side, while others get multiple love symbols. It is best to do the style with braids on the smaller side. Jumbo twists can muddle the design and be too bulky on your scalp. Don't forget to take care of your braids so they don't get frizzy!