The Best Way To Answer The 'Favorite Quality In A Person' Bumble Prompt

A key part of being on dating apps is your profile, and Bumble isn't any different. As tempted as you might be to fill all the fields quickly and move on to the actual swiping and chatting, experts will tell you to spend a few minutes crafting a great profile. 

As dating coach Emyli Lovz puts it in a YouTube video, the description on Bumble's profile section matters for a lot of reasons — you want to stand out, you want to use keywords that will increase your chances of linking with others using the same terms, and you want to get the most out of what the app offers. Luckily there are simpler ways to shine than following in the footsteps of the TikTok creator who opens conversations on Bumble with personalized songs. 

If you're on the dating app already, you would've noticed the bio section titled "profile prompts." You're asked to select from a collection of 30 prompts and answer them as honestly and interestingly as you can. Have you ever skimmed over the "favorite quality in a person" prompt and wondered what to put down? Turns out there is such a thing as the best way to respond.

Be as specific as you can be when answering this prompt

You may think you've got your list all sorted with the ideal traits you're looking for in a partner, but when you're asked to put them down on a dating profile, your mind might go blank, or worse, you may fill out very generic terms like "good" or "kind."  Avoid doing this, advises PureWow.

The minutes you spend filling out Bumble prompts are a good time to really dig deep. Think about a very specific quality you admire in a person. Is it that they notice when someone is left out in a social setting? Or is it that they enjoy meeting your friends? How about if they offer to do a grocery run for you when you're sick? The key is to be as detailed as possible. Be intentional, but avoid negativity. As much as you'd like to elaborate on past bad experiences to avoid new ones, steering clear of pessimistic responses can go a long way. People generally find positivity attractive. 

Make sure that you are being authentic, too, when you list what your favorite thing is in a person. You don't want to give the wrong idea. If humor is your thing, try working that into your answer. The important thing is to have fun with the process. 

Bumble prompts are conversation starters

You may know this already, but reading through a person's answers to profile prompts is a great way to craft questions you should be asking matches on Bumble. Instead of the generic, "Hey, how are you doing," prompts give a more interesting direction to conversations. They're your best tool in the bio section.  

After a tiring day at work, even you will feel more inclined to respond to more specific questions (inspired by your prompts) than something flat and overused. If you're vulnerable or use favorite quotes for example, the person you match with is going to have more fodder to ask interesting follow-up questions. 

Yes, it can be challenging to come up with something interesting to say with the limited space but by being too formal, vague, or too self-involved, you can decrease your chances of someone swiping left on you. It is important to remember that pictures are not the only thing a person will look for; profile prompts are also up there when it comes to importance.