How To Answer Bumble's 'A Non-Negotiable' Prompt

If you've ever signed up for a dating app before (or assisted your friend in crafting the perfect profile), you'll be well aware of the prompts that appear on your profile and are supposed to help you decide whether to match with a person or not. From Tinder to Hinge, almost every dating app has some sort of prompt feature designed to get you and your potential match talking, including Bumble. What sets Bumble apart from the rest is that the app is designed so only women can message first, giving you more control from the starting point.

Much like how there are questions you should be asking your matches on Bumble, there are certain prompts to fill in which can tell you a lot about people and vice versa. One of these prompts is "a non-negotiable," which basically means something you aren't willing to compromise on. If you've ever struggled with answering this specific prompt as well as the others, here's how to wow future dates into matching with you.

Writing a balanced answer to a dating app prompt can be difficult

The main thing to keep in mind when answering a prompt is that, while you should write an answer that will lead people to want to know more about you, you should also ensure your personality shines through. Moreover, although there may be certain things that are dealbreakers for you, your answer should stay lighthearted and positive. If you've ever gotten "the ick" from past partners, you'll probably feel tempted to state these icks in your answer. However, resist the temptation, as laying out your (minor) no-gos can lower your chances of a match.

Per PureWow, dating coach Lindsey O'Brien revealed, "A really common mistake I see is sharing what you don't want instead of what you do," which in turn can lead to the illusion of you having tons of relationship/emotional baggage. There is a time and a place to share this baggage, and it isn't in the prompt section of Bumble. That story about how you got the ick from your ex because he didn't move his dirty laundry, ever? Save it for the third date.

Turn the focus of the prompt completely onto you

If you're still feeling stuck, think about what you do want instead of what you absolutely don't. People are attracted to positivity, and turning the "a non-negotiable" prompt into something you love rather than something you hate also makes sure all the attention is back on you. For example, you might be tempted to write that your non-negotiable is "washing the dishes immediately after dinner." While this isn't a super negative answer, it isn't very positive either and could dissuade potential matches from matching with you.

Instead, you could try answering something like: "a non-negotiable ... you must be willing to watch my fave horror movie with me (no hiding)." This answer is more positive, shows off your personality, and lets potential matches see what your interests are. The style of answer works well for pretty much any interest, too. If you love karaoke, let people know. If you're obsessed with a certain band, your "non-negotiable" could be something like "you have to listen to (insert songs by favorite band)." 

Next time you're staring at the prompt screen blankly, use the above tips to ace the (dating app) game.