The Simple Trick For Achieving The Perfect Middle Part

One distinct difference between the Millennial and Gen Z era hairstyles is the location of the hair parting. While the previous generation famously rocked side parts, middle parts have now taken center stage. A lot of hairstyles can be achieved just from the middle part. It's classy, elegant, and sultry all at once.

Although the middle part looks fairly simple to do, it isn't always easy to find the correct middle of your head and carve a perfectly straight line there. Sometimes, after parting the line and completing the style, you take a proper look in the mirror to discover that you deviated from the center by a few centimeters. Middle parts tend to draw attention to the face and eyes so if you want a style that screams, "Here I am, look at me," then you need to perfect your lines. There is an easy trick to achieving the most flawless middle part.

Carving the perfect middle part

It's never too late to get into the iconic middle part look. It's a versatile style that can stand alone as is, or serve as a gateway to more styles. However, the first step is knowing how to form a line that is both straight and that starts from your true center. You don't want to draw your line only to find out later that you missed your center.

There is a foolproof way to do this and Sally Hershberger Downtown hairstylist Matt Fugate explains how to Allure. He advises using the tip of your nose as an anchor point for finding the center of your head. After placing a finger on the tip of the nose, use a long-tailed comb to follow the position of your finger all the way to your scalp. He also recommends parting your hair with the tail of the comb lying flat against your forehead and just going straight back with it. 

Choose a middle part style that fits your face best

If you've been bookmarking middle part hairstyle pictures on Instagram, then you're finally ready to try them out with your new hair parting skills. One thing you should keep in mind though is that while the middle part would look gorgeous on everyone, we all have different face shapes. Some hairstyles just flatter some people more than others. You can figure out which hairstyles look best for your face shape by trying out different ones.

The great thing about this middle part trick, though, is that it works for all hair types. TikTok hair influencer @zoieedahairstylist demonstrated how to achieve an adorable middle part slicked back bun with naturally textured hair using the middle part trick. YouTube creator @riannstar shared a tutorial on achieving a long, wavy middle part style perfect for straighter hair. You can also look for hairstyles that make thinning hair look full of volume if your straight hair falls a little flat in a middle part.

No matter your hair texture, as long as you can perfect the middle part trick and choose the best hairstyle for your face, you will be posting #HairGoals all year long.