How To Answer The 'I Promise I Won't Judge You If' Bumble Prompt

Filling out dating profiles in the right way you want to appear to potential dates can be frustrating. You want to appear confident, relatable, and fun while remaining authentic. Yet you don't want to come off as too calculated, dull, quirky, or possibly weird. It's a balancing act that can make you feel more like you're advertising a product than talking about who you are.

Each dating app has a different set of questions to respond to. Though you can often skip answering them, adding more information about yourself helps people get to know you better before deciding whether you may be a good match.

Some questions are easy enough. Checking off things you enjoy, such as movies, music, and the outdoors, is straightforward and requires little thinking. Yet others can leave you searching for the right way to express yourself. One such prompt is on Bumble when it asks you to complete the sentence, "I promise I won't judge you if..."

Stay away from hot button issues

According to Bumble, users should be themselves and have fun, be specific, and stay positive. It's good advice because though you may find a person attractive, a negative attitude can cause you to swipe left quickly. Consequently, the "I promise I won't judge you if...." prompt can be slightly tricky. You don't want to write something that someone might innocently do.

Though it's often done on dating apps, you may want to avoid controversial issues. After all, you don't want to lead with things you don't like. How often have you seen "If you voted for this person, don't swipe right on me" or "If you are/are not vaccinated, just move on" in a profile? True, it tells those with opposing views to keep on moving so you don't waste your time with someone you can't gel with. Yet it also adds a twinge of angst or hostility that isn't conducive to meeting new people.

The worst thing is to write something in the "I promise I won't judge you if..." prompt if you will judge them for it. Being judgy isn't an attractive quality, and this isn't the place to get political, moral, or profound.

Use light-hearted self-deprecation or humor

You can also use this prompt to reveal something about yourself that you feel slightly insecure about. Maybe you've never seen Star Wars or don't like sushi or hiking, which everyone on these apps seems to enjoy. Something like, "I promise I won't judge you if you've never seen Star Wars because I haven't either," or "I promise I won't judge you if you don't like the outdoors because though I'm on Bumble, bees terrify me" are both amusing little tidbits about yourself. They are also relaying nuances about your personality, likes, and interests.

Another option is to use this space to reject a popular and current trend, showing that you don't go along with the crowd or expect anyone else to. "I promise I won't judge you if you're not on TikTok — I might actually like that."

Filling out your dating profile allows you to be authentic from the beginning. Don't try to be anyone other than who you are; try your best to convey your fun and confident side.