How Many Bras Should You Really Own For Everyday Wear?

Lace, satin, silk, or cotton. Underwire, soft, or shelf. Solid or with a pattern. Supportive and sturdy, or whimsical and sexy. If you've ever been bra shopping and been overwhelmed by the number of options available to you, you're not alone. Add in the less-than-flattering lighting in the dressing room on top of the struggle of figuring out what size you're actually supposed to wear, and you've got a day's worth of woe. If you're not a fan of bra shopping, it stands to reason you'd prefer to get in, get what you need, and get out.

The good news is that you don't have to fill your top drawer with dozens of bras, half of which you'll probably never wear. The trick is to find one style you love, that makes your breasts feel supported and cuddled, and gives you confidence to wear any item from your wardrobe without having to worry about bra lines or bow details showing through. 

Once you find the bra you can wear every day of the week, whether you're heading to the office or for brunch with friends, you can focus on buying just that style ...  but how many versions of that do you need?

You should have three everyday bras in your wardrobe

While some may say you can never have too many pretty things in your lingerie drawer, there are really only three bras you need to go with your everyday clothes: one black, one white, and one flesh-toned bra. 

The black bra is to wear under your dark dresses and shirts while the white bra will work under lighter colors. The flesh-toned bra is for your white tops. If you wear a white bra under a sheer white top, its outline will be visible whereas a bra in the same color as your skin will vanish, hiding such bra lines. 

You could technically get away with wearing just a flesh-toned bra every day, but you'll still need multiple. You don't have to wash a bra every time you wear it, but you should avoid wearing the same one two days in a row. You want to give the elastic in the bra a chance to un-stretch and regain its shape, helping you maintain yours. One day of rest between wearings should do it — hence, why you need more than one.

The extra bras you may need for special occasions

Once you have your three everyday bras in place, you can move on to any extras you may need. If you're a jogger or work out regularly, you may want to add a sports bra for additional support while you're bouncing around. Having one or two in your wardrobe will also save those everyday bras from getting sweaty and needing to be washed more often. 

Specialty bras also come in handy, especially if your fashion preferences lean toward certain styles. For example, if you love strapless tops, a strapless bra may be on your to-buy list. If halter tops or racer-back tanks are your thing, consider purchasing a bra with convertible straps that can be adjusted to match the shape of your shirt. 

And, of course, a special occasion may call for a special set of lingerie. Something black and lacy or perhaps floral-printed or red satin may be more your speed to feel extra pretty on your anniversary, or give you a feeling of confidence and power for your big interview.