Embrace The Balletcore Nail Trend For A Touch Of Elegance This Spring

Ballerinas are magical. From little-girl visions of fluffy tutus, pink silky shoes, and lots of ribbons everywhere, to adult admiration of "Swan Lake" performances, you can't help but be captivated. This explains the fashion trend popping up this year: balletcore. 

Fashion outlets like Urban Outfitters are featuring ballet flats, lace hair bows, and twirly skirts reminiscent of a ballerina's wardrobe. Even the traditional hairstyle has made it into the limelight with the balletcore bun

And, of course, there are the balletcore manicures. Ballet slippers with crisscross ribbons are represented, shades of pink and white abound, touches of pearls, flashes of gold, a hint of tulle, and even tiaras can be seen in the nail trend. There are subtle nods and artistic turns, and all exude a splash of elegance worthy of any arabesque or pirouette. No matter what your nail-art skill level, there's a balletcore manicure in your future this spring.

Pink and sparkly

Pink is a traditional color in the ballet world, especially when you're little and learning how to do your first twirl. And who wouldn't want to add a little sparkle? After applying two coats of pastel-pink polish, use a thin brush to paint pink glitter outlines around the nail. You can do French manicure tips on some, fill in the area just above the cuticle on others, and do sideswipes on a few. If you don't have the steadiest of hands, try placing a circle or oval sticker on the nail, then painting over the edge. 

Ballerina princess

The famous ballet "Swan Lake" is about a princess who turns into a swan by day. There are lots of fluffy white tutus to represent the swan's feathers, and there are tiaras to show she's really a princess. If you're in love with the story, this is the perfect balletcore manicure. Nails are polished with a pure-white lacquer. Once dry, use a dab of silver glitter polish, or a silver filigree nail gem, to create a tiara at the base of two nails on each hand. Finish with a top coat to seal in the tiny crown. 

Monochrome balletcore

What's better than pink? More pink. If you've ever seen a nude nail color set, you'll probably notice a subtle shade of pink amongst the hues — that's where this look starts. The pretty-in-pink base can stand on its own, but you can be on pointe (ballet reference intended) by adding some subtle sparkle to the look via pink glitter polish. Dab on a bit at the cuticle, pulling the glitter halfway up the nail. Finish with a top coat to seal in the flecks and create a smooth finish.

Ballet slippers

You can't get much more ballet than actual ballet slippers. A mixed mani offers up a stage-worthy performance that's fairly easy to recreate. Start with a pale rose polish as a base coat (or a clear one, if you prefer). For the full slipper effect, paint a pastel-pink, crisscross line across the nail, then top with a French-manicure curve along the tip. Top with a tiny bow if you want more detail. For other nails, just the toe of the slipper will do, with a mini bouquet of flowers. 

Purely premium pink

If painting precise lines isn't your thing, you can still join in the balletcore nail trend. Any shade of pink is worthy of a ballerina, but to make it a little more special, try a chrome or metallic version of the hue. Two solid coats, followed by a shiny top coat will work. If you have a shade of pink you already love and want to jazz it up, you can use a specialty top coat, like holographic or glitter. 

Dressed like a ballerina

While the fluffy tutu may be the classic choice, there's also the romantic tutu — a long and flowing skirt made of wispy fabric. You can take a bit of inspiration from the style by wrapping your nails in faux fabric. Start by painting on strips of pale green in a partial zigzag pattern and allow them to dry. To give it the appearance of ribbon, add subtle stripes of dark green, along with highlights of white. Add the perfect finishing touch in the form of tiny pearls.