Nail Shades That Work Any Season Of The Year

Every season of the year comes with an entirely different color palette and overall vibe. In the fall, we tend to veer toward earthy, amber colors. The winter is all about the holidays. Spring is, of course, geared toward florals. And, in the summer, everyone wants bright colors to match the sun's energy. It can be fun to play into these festive themes with your manicure, and when you lack inspiration, these seasonal color schemes are a great frame of reference to bounce off of. 

However, a handful of colors will suit your look no matter what time of year it happens to be. These polishes range from bright, bold, classy, neutral, somber, and more. Whatever your mood, there's a color that can embody it while adapting to seasonal shifts. Which nail polish shades can keep you going through all 12 months of the year?

Shea butter brown

This color is as dreamy as they come. It looks like the perfect moisturizing, high-quality shea butter you'd buy from the farmer's market or some artisanal boutique. Not only does it remind us of soothing, lush skincare, but it's also the perfect neutral to go with any skin tone and any season. No matter what you're wearing, skirt or ski coat, this suave brown will pair perfectly with your outfit. This is the kind of color you go for when you want something chic and understated.


This off-white is as classic as the infamous off-white Marilyn Monroe dress. Its milky shade has just the slightest touch of sepia tone, which gives it that old-fashioned Hollywood glam vibe. And like the icons of the past, this color just doesn't go out of style. No matter the season, this vanilla color will fit perfectly with your look. It's not as loud as a bright white but it is just as much of a statement. Pain your nails off-white if you want something subtle but bold.

Unicorn sparkle

As corny as it sounds, everyone, in their own way, is a unicorn of sorts. But just because you stand out rather than fit in does not mean you don't belong. The same goes for this flashy unicorn-esque shade of sparkly purple. This is the kind of polish that does not fit into any one category, and so it fits into them all. Fall? Winter? Spring? Summer? All of the above! When your manicure is this much of a statement, it doesn't matter what time of year is, it'll always draw attention.

Kelly green

Per Canva, "kelly green" gets its name from Ireland. The design website explains that "Kelly" is one of Ireland's most popular last names, and because of this, the name is associated with the bright green rolling hills the Irish landscape is home to. As a result, the family surname is now tied to one of the most beautiful, vibrant shades of green. Whether it's a green-themed holiday, a season when greenery is blooming, or neither — this shade will be a striking choice.

Pink Shimmer

Pink is an undeniably lovely color. It's the color of flowers, rosy cheeks, cotton candy, and has many more delightful associations. If you really want to go the extra mile to get a feminine manicure, get a light shade of pink in a shimmery polish. This manicure will be certain to fit in with the balletcore aesthetic. To get a similar manicure as the one featured, try to seek out a sparkle that isn't too chunky. This will ensure you get that glossy, barely-there glitter look.


If you are more of the mysterious, dark type, maroon is an easy go-to nail color to suit your vibe. A deep shade of purplish red, this wine-colored polish will make you seem mature — like you know the technical difference between a merlot and a cabernet. If you're wearing maroon, you're not the kind of person to follow trends or trivial holiday decor. A sophisticated polish like this stands the test of time, month to month and year to year.


In most other contexts, peach is a shade of pink that is hard to miss. If you have a peach colored room, phone case, or dress, the color will make a bright, cheery statement. But peach is so close to the tone of flushed cheeks and natural flesh-colored nails that, in the beauty world, it is considered neutral. While no one is born with this exact nail color, peach polish is close enough to a natural tone that it'll look like you just added a warm, vibrant tint to your real nails.

Cool gray

No matter what month of the year it is, there will always be a cloudy day or two. Gray days have a consistent presence in all of our lives. Some people loathe them for setting a dreary tone, while others treasure the moody, broody ambiance. If you're in the latter camp, a cool gray tone for your next manicure could embrace this more pensive side of you. This pale hue is a bit brighter, but still reflects a gloomy aesthetic.

Blue gray

This is an even cooler version of the cool gray. Well, we think they are both cool. But we mean that literally, this one has icier undertones. If you don't want to commit to something quite as dark as a colorless gray, you might be more drawn to this grayish-blue hue. The gray tint keeps the manicure more subdued, while the blue gives it a bit of life. It will contrast a bit stronger with your skin while still maintaining a neutral tone.

Iridescent sheer

Iridescent sheer nails are a gorgeous choice, guaranteed to get you compliments any time of year. While an opaque sparkle is typically saved for the holiday season, this translucent, shimmery alternative has no bounds. This manicure balances two opposite aesthetics — natural nails and metallic, eye-catching ones. There is absolutely a time and place for flashy nails, but for most people, it isn't all year long. An iridescent manicure says that you're someone who likes a bit of glamour or drama, but always stays grounded.


A rich cocoa brown manicure is like chocolate; it is always a good idea. This deep brown neutral will go with anything and everything you throw on. It gives the same vibe as nice leather or deep brown eyes. It's luxurious but has an earthy, natural feel. No matter your skin's undertone, this color will bring out the warmth in your complexion. Whether your skin is in its pale winter coat or summer bronze, cocoa brown will give you an extra glow.

Deep purple gray

Sometimes you get into a contemplative, more reserved headspace. And while we all handle these moods differently, they don't have to be a bad thing. They can offer us time to reflect and rest. That's how this dark purple-gray feels. It's not necessarily the color you go to when you are your perkiest, but it's not a color that says you're pessimistic. Cool, feminine purple mixes with a deep gray to create a shade that says you are thoughtful and at peace.

Bright white

Like a white pair of sneakers, a bright white manicure is going to fit in with practically any look. According to design snobs and, to their credit, according to science, white is technically not even a color. Like black, it's actually a shade. This means that white is in pretty much everything, controlling brightness, and for that reason, you'll find bright white in every palette all year long. As a manicure color, it does the same, going along with anything and everything.

Navy green

When you want a manicure that is going to be less eye-catching but still sleek, navy green is a great option. As a manicure, the hue sets a very formal, professional tone. It's the color of dark green foliage and, like an evergreen, will be fresh and stylish all year long. This hue will likely pair best with cooler undertones, and for those of you with olive undertones, a brighter, bolder color like Kelly green may complement your complexion better.

Bright red

According to TikTok's red nail theory, red is the "it" color for anyone at any point in the year. If you look at TikTok's page for the hashtag #rednailtheory, you'll find hundreds of users sharing stories about how red nails practically changed their lives. Many of them share that with a ruby manicure, they began getting compliments left and right. Some even claim it led their crush to finally ask them out. Why this phenomenon exists is uncertain, but it is certain that a jewel-toned, red manicure is a head-turner.

Baby pink

Baby pink is a shade that can make everything a little softer and a little more charming. The word "baby" literally refers to the cutest stage of life for every living thing on this planet. Things like cotton candy, bubble gum, and Starbursts are all sweet treats branded with this delightful hue. Not only is it versatile because it's adorable, but it is also a close shade to many people's natural nail colors. Baby pink is an uplifting, neutral color choice for your manicure in winter, spring, fall, and summer.

Pale green

For any of you who likes a neutral but who has always felt a little bit more independent-minded, this pale sage green is a fabulous choice for your manicure to match your vibe. It is light enough to match almost any aesthetic that you could go for, but that extra hint of hue gives it the pop that more basic colors like grays or tans generally lack.


Mauve feels like an old-timey, mature form of pinkish-red. Apparently, there's some history as to why this association might be. According to CNN, mauve was the very first color to be made into an artificial dye for commercial use. So, back in the 1800s, when this invention debuted, the color mauve dominated the fashion space. The color proved to go with everything back then, and it definitely still does today. Whether it's springtime or the dead of winter, mauve could be your next perfect manicure.


Similar to white, black is also a shade and technically not a color. Although, black, of course, is the opposite of white. Black is what brings depth and darkness to hues, and the mixes of black and white in nature create the endless array of colors we see. Black, being associated with darkness, is usually representative of a more solemn mood. If you're embracing a grunge aesthetic right now, a black manicure will give you soft goth nails to channel your inner Wednesday Adams.

Barbie pink

Barbie pink is a bright, bold choice. If you follow Barbie's lead, it can be worn any time of year. It can be your car color, your house color, and your entire wardrobe's color. You might not want to go that far since we're not, in fact, living in a "Barbie world," but you can at least opt for it to be your nail color. This shade of hot pink exudes confidence when flaunted on a fresh manicure. No matter what time of the year, feeling fabulous and self-assured is always in style.