Soft Goth Nail Designs To Channel Your Inner Wednesday Adams

­­­­Everything Wednesday Addams is trending on TikTok, and your heart feels full of woe and mayhem. But you aren't ready to do those blacked-out eyes of Morticia just yet. You're looking for a cleaner goth look that will pass in the office. Well, it's a good thing soft goth is making waves in the online world.

Soft goth is like hardcore goth's little, peppier sister. They're still dark and stormy, but they like a pop of color in their sinister world. Soft goth enjoys nature motifs, like ravens and a dark forest or two. It also dabbles in witchcraft but does so with a cute little smile. It's a style that looks good on everyone it comes across.

Soft goth is creating a perfect storm in the nail art world. Explore a few different designs to blacken your soul a few shades. Plus, they are the ideal tribute to help you wait until you can devour the next season of your favorite family!

Ombre nails that shine like the night

If you aren't looking to add gothic nails to your repertoire that jump up and scream in the night. Instead, you want a fun, subtle look that gives off those witchy vibes. An ombre look might just be the best of both worlds.

These nails give off all the full moon feels but with a classic beauty that even your work bestie will love. It's the perfect combination of black and white. Are these nails trying to mimic your soul?

Pointed black French tip design

It might be more common to see a claw nail design on long nails, but you can also rock this look on short nails. Nail tech @_ammenails creates a fun short nail look by combining pointed tips with a black French manicure. The combination works to give off those dark and mysterious feelings.

But the pearls and crosses glued onto the center truly set these nails apart. The different ornaments on each nail make you think of graveyards and stormy cathedrals. It's a soft goth nail dream come true.

Cat eye nails made of dreams

Just because you're looking for a soft goth style doesn't mean you need to leave the sparkle and shine behind. Nail guru @lunadarkalt creates a sparkly sensation with the velvet cat eye nails.

These sparkly nails look like they could be pulled right from your dreams with the perfect meshing of black overlayed with purple sparkles. Topping this nail off is a fabulous stiletto tip. It's a nail that will make every black cat lover purr in delight.

Black airbrushed look for a gothic flare

You love your long nails, but you want to go a little darker this time around. If you're feeling a little goth, try an airbrushed look with lavender. The lavender gives the long nails a 3D effect, while the silver accents add a little extra magic to the nails.

The whole manicure is brought together by the middle finger with the purple vine design. It's a look that says, "night on the town" or "grab my cauldron."

Silver claw nails with extra sparkle

Deadly dagger nails are totally goth chic. However, you don't need to keep them flat black; you can sparkle them up. Adding a chrome overlay on the nails makes them shine like a million diamonds, creating a stunning look.

The glitter is sure to set off your rings and other accessories, but they will still look enticingly deadly on their own as well. It's a dangerous look that takes just the right personality to pull off beautifully!

Red ombre tips with sun flair

Stiletto nails were made for your fingers; they are stylish yet a little dangerous. You can't get enough of them. Take your stiletto nails to new heights by trying a red ombre tip. It's just a little dark and sinister. 

Take a note from Instagrammer @bees_nailscape by adding some pink, glittery rays to the mix. Whether you see them as flowers or the sun rising, it makes a fun design to liven up your digits. Your circle will be shook by your new, darker look.

Spiderweb up your nail art

Is Halloween by far your favorite holiday? You love the cobwebs, the zombies, and the scare. Make it Halloween every day by adding a bit of haunting to your nail art.

Nail tech @mjallure_beauty creates the perfect eerie look by adding black cobwebs to the base of the fingers. The subtle black French manicure adds to these nails' dark aura. It's an eerily good look that will make your goth heart gleeful.

Intergalactic nails that are truly out of this world

Your passion for the cosmos is hard to describe. The beginning and end are written there in the stars. Your love of everything, night and stars, can go beyond just your clothing — add it to your nail art as well.

Nail specialist @strangegirl63 creates a fabulous set of starry nails that are sure to make a point. The beautiful black stars on the index finger offset the glitter nails. And you don't want to forget the night with a tribute to black on the ring finger.

Cherry bomb nails that are pointedly perfect

You love your black, but that doesn't mean you don't want to keep it cute. With a set of black cherry nails from, you can have your goth and keep it cute too. This nail expert creates a claw nail with a sparkly pink tip that shines like a million stars in the night.

The design then explodes into black cherries, stars, and hearts galore. It's a fun look with a little bit of everything you love.

Nude nails that drip with love

Nails are all about having a little bit of fun in your life. Therefore, if you want a bit of gothic chic, add a few black drips to your almond-tipped nails. They don't have the drastic point of a claw, but they still bring the scare factor.

However, the little black hearts are sure to give you a smile. Nail artist @trickortreatnails also added a bit of dimension and spice with the white accents on the black. It gives them the illusion of actually dripping down your nails.

French manicure with a soft gothic twist

The French manicure is the classic look you adore. Whether you rock it long or short, it doesn't matter. Take your French manicure to the next level by adding a gothic twist.

Nail creator @nails_by_joselyn shows how unique a modern French manicure can be by adding black details and symbols. The rhinestones at the base of the nail also give you all-seeing eye vibes. It's a twist on your classic look that's sure to garner some attention.

It's a red affair

There is nothing like a pair of red nails. They scream sassy, sexy, and hot all at the same time. But those red nails take a dark twist when adding a faded black tip.

It's almost like these almond tips are trying to make their way into the stiletto world. While this look might be a bit more muted, it has that Morticia sophistication with a little pop of glam you can't ignore.

Graveyard your nails will love

Do you love the eerie look of a good graveyard at night? The way a good full moon lights up on an old mansion stirs your heart. Then you'll be right at home with the nails created by @vulcan_aries.

Reminiscent of your perfect night out, these nails show the silhouette of a backlit castle or cathedral. They are set off with a black index and pinky finger. The perfectly haunting scene shows itself on the middle and ring fingers. This sharp tip sets off the otherworldly landscape.

Matte black nails that smolder

Matte black nails are trending, and you've jumped hard on that bandwagon. You love the finish of your nails with a passion that's hard to define. 

Why not try giving them a little red glow? The way @nailingit_makala adds a little pop of red to the stiletto tips of the index and middle finger makes them look like they are literally smoldering. These nails might just be too hot to handle.

Reactive red nails you crave

When thinking of a soft goth nail, the first thing that pops into your head might be a black claw nail. However, not everyone can handle that stiletto tip. Try something a little more rounded. 

Nail artist @kurayami_nails creates a beautiful variation with a black and red nail set on a round tip. The red works to create fun accents on the base of the pinky and an airbrush effect on the ring finger. The art of these nails really starts to take form on the middle finger, where a marbled texture is created. 

Hot pink nails to bind your heart

Binge-watching a little Wednesday Addams has brought your inner goth back to the surface. You're ready to let her reign supreme. Dip your toes into the soft gothic water with a pair of bright pink nails.

You might not pair pink with goth, but adding a bit of barbed wire is the perfect mix. The silver barbed wire designs with the marbled pink polish create an eye-catching molten metal effect. Instagrammer @trickortreatnails has created the perfect blend of pain and pleasure!

Witchy nails for every horror fan

Sure, you like to have fun with black nails; even adding a little red can get your soul-stirring. But you truly love horror. Your best moments are losing yourself if your favorite cult classic.

Try out these "Blair Witch" nails created by @trickortreatnails. The rounded short nail is a beautiful canvas for the silver design. You have to be in the know to get these witchy nails!

Subtle claws that show your savage side

You love the look of a stiletto tip, but you don't think you can pull it off on all your fingers. You don't have to. Channel your inner goth by having a mixture of stiletto and square tips. The artwork on the middle finger gives off those eerie nature vibes, while the glitter and gray set it off. It just goes to show that not all goth nails need to be black.

Wednesday Addams is heating up the Instagram scene with her pleasant edgy dark look. Take her inspiration for your nails to create a bit of fun art that will set your sinister heart ablaze. Now the only hard part is picking the perfect style for you!