Show Up To The Pickleball Courts Serving Looks All Summer

Grab your paddles and put on your sneakers, because it's time to talk about pickleball fashion. Recently, this sport has seen a massive increase in popularity, with The New York Times naming it the fast-growing sport in the U.S. Along with this growth, we've seen more and more social media users taking to their apps to show off fabulously sporty pickleball fits.

If you're unfamiliar, pickleball is a sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. It's played using large, ping-pong-like paddles and plastic balls similar to wiffleballs. Considered less intensive than tennis, it's a great sport for those looking for some casual, but competitive exercise.

When it comes to pickleball fashion, we've found that our favorite outfits often combine elements of the tenniscore aesthetic and staples of modern sportswear. With the looks we've compiled as your inspiration, wiffleballs won't be the only thing you'll be serving on the pickleball court this season.

Drive shot dress

If you're trying to figure out what you should wear to your next pickleball match, an athletic dress is always a super cute, but functional option. There are many different sports dress styles to choose from but we're big fans of this open-back, grey dress worn in @catherine_lockhart's TikTok. She pairs it with white Hoka sneakers, ankle socks, and aviator sunglasses. When styling your athletic dress for pickleball, don't be afraid to similarly keep things simple and practical.

Layered for line calls

If you want to add a little something extra to your tennis dress look, we recommend experimenting with layers. Sweatshirts, sweaters, and pullovers are all great options for this purpose and come with the added benefit of keeping you warm in chilly weather.

The layered look from @auddiethehottie is one of our favorite sweatshirts and tennis dress combos. We love how the flower design on the grey sweatshirt matches the bright pink coloring of the dress, keeping it cute and colorful.

Country club chic

You can also channel old money aesthetics into your pickleball outfit by styling your sportswear with country club-inspired accessories. This TikTok video from @fittybritty provides a great example of this, featuring a white tennis skirt and high-neck top layered under a fitted cardigan. A gold watch, bracelets, and cross-body handbag make up the rest of the outfit, giving a sophisticated but lowkey vibe that would be perfect for any country club pickleball court.

Tennis necklaces, dainty bracelets, designer (but subtle) handbags, and expensive water bottles are more examples of old money-inspired accessories that you can incorporate into your sporty fit.

Tennis skirt girly

Just like with athletic dresses, there is a wide range of tennis skirt styles that would also work great for pickleball practice. For example, there's A-line, ruffled, and back-pleated to name a few. Our personal favorite would have to be the classic pleated tennis skirt, which is both sporty and stylish. TikTok user @ashleighuynh styles such a skirt, pairing it with a simple sports bra and pull-over cricket sweater. White sneakers and a hair ribbon finish out the preppy look, providing the perfect inspo for your own outfit.

Pickleball in pink

If you're having trouble deciding how to pair your sportswear pieces together, we recommend leaning on color matching to help you make the choice. For example, we love how @jennajueco lets pink dominate their pickleball outfit, combining a pastel pair of shorts with a fitted, hot pink jacket. A pink hair clip, beige Hoka sneakers, and dainty gold jewelry finish out the outfit. While you might expect the two shades of pink to clash, they come together to make a super cute pickleball look.

Sweatshirt set

For those who prefer to wear shorts when exercising, consider going for a sweatshirt and short set. There are so many cute sets available to purchase, ranging from coordinated to monochromatic, but you can also create your own. We're big fans of the all-green look shown off by @by___saki, who rounds out their outfit with checkered Vans, hoop earrings, and a classic braid. If you're wondering where you can score your own matching set, check out Girlfriend Collective, Summersalt, or adidas.

Baggy tee and biker shorts

When planning your pickleball outfit, you don't need to abandon practicality in the name of style. The baggy tee and biker shorts combo is a great example of a trendy ensemble that has all the comfort and function you need in an athletic look.

As an example, check out the TikTok from @dayana.atkinson. The featured outfit includes a baggy green t-shirt, white biker shorts, and New Balance sneakers. The look is rounded out by a white sweatband, striped crew socks, and a much-needed water bottle.

Sport in sweatpants

Sweatpants also make for the perfect pickleball ensemble, as they're both versatile and functional. There are many ways you can style these bottoms, but we particularly like the look shown off by TikToker @maddiepalmer96. This outfit includes simple black sweats, a grey, graphic sweatshirt, and black and white tennis shoes. A classic braid and baseball cap put the finishing touches on the look, creating a stylishly sporty vibe. Don't be afraid to break out the sweatpants or invest in a hardy pair for your own pickleball fit.

Favorite pair of leggings

Leggings are an athleticwear staple, making them a great pick for your next pickleball practice. Not only do they come in all sorts of patterns and colors, giving you lots of room to experiment, but there are also different styles, from fitted or flared to high or low-waisted.

We're a big fan of the look from @maylinsmoments, who combines a fitted pair of light blue leggings with an oversized navy hoodie and all-white sneakers. It's likely that you have a pair of these bottoms hanging out in your closet already, so they're worth considering for your next sporty look.

Midcourt monochrome

On the topic of leggings, there's something about a monochromatic moment that we just love. With the number of matching sets available, leggings just lend themselves really well to this homogenous styling method.

As an example, the off-white combo from @caro.gurdian gives off a really fresh vibe that we think is perfect for pickleball. The sports bra and leggings are styled with a simple baseball cap, sporty sunglasses, all-white sneakers, and a trendy cow-print tote. Take inspiration from this look by sporting your own monochromatic set at your next pickleball session.