The Hinge Prompt That Allows You To Show Off Your Unique Passions

What makes Hinge so unique is the very specific prompts that Hinge uses to showcase the best in each user. In essence, they are great conversation starters, especially for those who struggle with making the first move online. Answering questions such as "Two truths and a lie" or "My simple pleasures..." are all great ways for potential daters to get to know one another. However, one prompt in particular allows daters to show off those passions that don't always get the proper recognition.

The famed "I geek out on..." is the moment for "Star Wars" historians to show off their knowledge. It's the perfect prompt for those very special and somewhat quirky hobbies or interests that aren't always spoken of during initial meetings. Nevertheless, this prompt is a phenomenal way to get to know people and find your perfect match.

Who knows, you may stumble across someone who enjoys watching "98 Degrees" docs on Saturday mornings with a shot of pepper chai tea as much as you do.

'I geek out on...' is not the prompt for sex talk

Refrain from using this prompt to speak about yourself in a sexual manner. Even if you are looking for a casual hookup, other prompts are more appropriate for this kind of thing. Relationship expert and host of the "Doing Relationships Right" podcast Jennifer Hurvitz spoke to Bustle about which questions work best for fly-by-night experiences. She advised using "We'll get along if..." or "Together, we could..." for the more laid-back meetings. 

While these aren't exactly kink confessionals, Hurvitz says they'll allow you to be upfront. "You will avoid hurting feelings if you're clear about your intentions," she explained.

While each prompt should be fun, "I geek out on..." should be something that brings you together with other boy band fanatics, plant parents, horror movie gurus, and other exciting characters. The beauty of such a prompt is that it can be used to make connections of all sorts on the app, not just romantic. You may just meet your husband, or a new best friend.

You don't actually have to be a geek to geek out

Just because you "geek out" on a particular movie genre doesn't mean you are actually some sort of "super-nerd." Your answers don't necessarily have to be rooted in video games or fun facts pertaining to alien abduction tales from around the globe, though these are excellent answers to this prompt. 

However, formulating these online answers may trigger some overthinking, though you should try and refrain from this. In her Back to Love blog, psychologist Diane Strachowski says overthinking can ruin relationships in the early stages. Therefore, with this prompt, simply express things near to you that make you feel absolute joy.

Think of Hinge prompts as valuable resources instead of burdens. Don't miss out on the opportunity to praise your many passions with the "I geek out on..." question. Unlike the Hinge voice prompts, which can be a huge red flag indicator, this one-liner generator is mostly harmless. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. The only inadequate response is avoiding this query. 

After you've penned your passions, make sure you incorporate the "The best way to ask me out is..." prompt to make sure daters with similar loves know how to properly seal the deal. Your new matching pajama buddy could be just one swipe away.