How To Style A Pencil Skirt Any Time Of Year

Skirts are beloved bottoms. Dare we say they are better than pants? It doesn't matter if the length is mini, midi, or maxi — we love them all. With a skirt, your legs just feel free, you can show off your footwear more, and you can create a variety of outfits. Skirt layering trends prove the more of these bottoms, the better. You can even wear a skirt over pants.

While flowy skirts had their time to shine, pencil skirts are pushing their way to the forefront. These fitted bottoms usually fall at the knees, but you can find a variety of lengths, patterns, and fabrics. Traditionally these pieces were office attire, but trendsetters are bringing it to everyday wear. And now, we have the looks so you can pull together a stunning outfit. Whether you are taking the pencil skirt into the office or out on the town, you'll look fabulous in these stylish options.

Get cozy with a chunky sweater

Since the pencil skirt is super slim-fitting, it is ideal to incorporate looser items when styling. A chunky sweater is the perfect garment to complement your tight skirt and create a dressy look. Leave your sweater untucked to avoid the awkward bulge when stuffing the waistband, and pick a pullover that falls just below your hips so it doesn't split your outfit in the rigid 50/50 ratio. For a polished finish, go for a matching clutch, heels, and jewelry.

Oversized jackets are a big trend

The oversized blazer is slowly creeping into everyone's closet. It was an '80s staple, and its revival comes with a modern twist. Dana Mortada, the founder of luxury brand Dāl the Label, told Harper's Bazaar that you can "pair it with literally anything you own, whether it be shorts, a T-shirt, bodysuit, or a summer dress." And we think a pencil skirt is the ideal combination for your jumbo blazer. It plays with formality and gives a touch of masculinity to the sensual silhouette of the skirt.

Add depth with dramatic sleeves

A contrasting shape is an easy way to style your bodycon skirt. Think trendy peplum tops, flowy blouses, or shirts with exaggerated collars. You want a top that breathes, and blouses with billowy sleeves or shoulder pads are a chic way to achieve this look. If your pencil skirt is a solid color, this is a great time to bring in patterns with your top. You can then bring in simple accessories like a wide-brim hat or slim watch to avoid overcrowding your ensemble.

Swap the heels for sneakers

While a pencil skirt is the work attire of every stunning assistant who is the envy of the office, this garb has a place in casual wear. It pairs seamlessly with sneakers and a leather jacket. Go for a high top or chunky shoes to balance out the bodycon fit of the skirt. The same goes for a baggier jacket. Throw on your favorite sweatshirt or graphic tee and you'll have an elevated yet relaxed ensemble. Of course, accessories tie everything together. A matching bag and sunglasses, to be exact.

Tights for your tight skirt

To take your pencil skirt outfit to the next level, you need pantyhose. Whether you're styling colorful tights, fishnets, or classic sheer stockings, your skirt will thank you. Not only is it a great way to transition the bottoms for colder weather, but tights also add dimension to your outfit. Use them to break up similar shades and patterns by picking a pair that contrasts your skirt, or add depth of color and prints with legwear that matches the slim-fitting bottom.

Contrasting shades that complement

We love a good contrast. It is a fashionable way for your clothes to pop while also harmonizing. Traditional contrasting combinations are purple and yellow, red and green, along with orange and blue. You can also go with a light variation and style your dark pencil skirt with bright pieces or vice versa. A simple way to achieve this look is to let all your accessories be the contrast. But you can also mix and match layers to pack on the glam.

Denim on denim

When you think of a pencil skirt, denim probably wasn't the material you envisioned. However, jean pencil skirts are cute and can be dressed up or down. For a semi-casual look, go for all denim. It is the right way to wear a denim skirt, whether you're a light-wash or dark-wash kind of fashionista. It can be the actual jean material or just the classic blue shade. Hardware like gold and silver will help to break up the sea of denim, so have fun accessorizing too.

Try a matching corset top

A matching top is a guaranteed stylish look for your pencil skirt, and a corset matching top makes your outfit even better. Celebrity stylist Brian Meller told Fashionista, "A corset is the closest you get to [armor] with a piece of clothing. It feels strong and powerful, and it's so flattering on everyone." The slimming top will look like an extension of your pencil skirt, mimicking the look of a bodycon dress. Wear your favorite pair of heels to carry out that empowering fashion from head to toe.

You can't go wrong with monochrome

When in doubt, go monochromatic. It doesn't have to be a lazy-day outfit of all black, it can be a stylish ensemble with any color that complements you. While the same shade achieves the one-color look, feel free to choose a range of tones from that single hue. Different fabrics will also add dimension to your outfit. A pink leather skirt, sheer blush top, hot pink purse, and shiny lilac heels pair flawlessly together. With just one color you'll have a runway-ready ensemble.

Pair your pencil shirt with a layered top

Layering does the same thing for your outfit as accessories do — it adds features that draw the eye and enhance your attire. So why not wear a layered top with your pencil skirt? A white button-down is a closet staple and a stellar base for piling on top. Plus, the neutral tone will look good with any of your pencil skirts. From there, you can style corsets, tank tops, light sweaters, sheer camis, and almost any shirt over the button-down. It just depends if you're going formal or casual.