The Best Haircuts For Gorgeous Platinum Hair

Platinum is a timeless, bold, and classic hair color that people can't seem to get enough of. From Kim Kardashian's iconic platinum blonde 'do for the 2022 Met Gala to Billie Eilish's incredibly icy platinum transformation, there are no limits to how you can style this gorgeous shade. If you're thinking about making a breathtaking transformation that won't go unnoticed, platinum blonde will do the job. We've seen the beautiful shade sported on celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, and Rita Ora, and all have put their own unique twist on the color.

A flattering haircut can do wonders for your hair, and if done right, will show off your color even more. Whether you have long, luscious blonde locks or rock a shorter chop, there are plenty of chic, trendy haircuts that will make your platinum hair look gorgeous. These are the best haircuts for platinum blonde hair you'll want to copy this season.

Shaved pixie cut

If you have shorter locks or are eager to go for a dramatic chop, the shaved pixie cut is the hairstyle for you. It's bold, daring, and a much edgier version of the classic pixie cut we all love. Scarlett Johansson became the poster girl for this trendy hairstyle and showed us just how good it looks on platinum blondes. Not only is it a flattering cut, but it's also low-maintenance and super easy to style, making it a great go-to haircut for a quick and effortless look.

Wolf cut

The wolf cut is a trendy hairstyle that went viral all over social media, with videos tagged #WolfCut garnering over 3.5 billion views on TikTok. Miley Cyrus is just one of the celebrities who have rocked a wolf cut recently, showing us how effortless and chic this style is. The cut is a hybrid of a shag and a mullet that emphasizes choppy layers, airy volume, and dimension that will make your platinum blonde locks shine. To get this edgy cut, ask your hairstylist for choppy layers and wispy bangs of your choice.

Elf crop

The elf crop is an emerging, trendy haircut that we'll be seeing a lot more of in 2023. Alex Brownsell, a celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Bleach London, tells PureWow, "The elf crop is a great style for medium to fine hair types, as it consists of disconnected strands and long textured edges around the face that give it a relaxed feel and plenty of shape." This cut looks great on short to medium-length hair and frames your face with soft, subtle layers.

The bob

You can't go wrong with a timeless bob haircut. This flattering 'do is easy to achieve and can be worn by anyone. Leanne Citrone, a veteran hairstylist, tells Byrdie, "The bob is such a great, versatile haircut that really suits everyone." Lucy Boynton's iconic bleach blonde bob is just one example of how to sport the classy, elegant hairdo. It's also super easy to style — leave your hair with it's natural texture for a tousled look, or straighten your locks for a sleek, sophisticated style.

Pixie cut with volume

Keep things simple by opting for the classic pixie cut with volume. This is another low-maintenance haircut that will accentuate your platinum blonde color without requiring too much styling time. Charlize Theron was known for her iconic, signature pixie cut that was kept short and always appeared big, voluminous, and put together. To style this haircut, we recommend using OUAI's Finishing Crème to add hold and shine to your hair that lasts all day long.

Long layers with curtain bangs

If you don't want to sacrifice any length and want to keep your long locks as they are, opt for a long layered chop with soft curtain bangs. Layers don't always have to be short or choppy, and you can ask your hairstylist for a few soft layers throughout to emphasize your luscious long blonde tresses. This haircut is ideal for those with thick hair who want to accentuate their vibrant color and natural length. 

Cool girl fringe

The cool girl fringe is all about embracing an effortless, fun, and sweeping hairstyle. Hairstylist, Luke Hersheson, tells Vogue, "Once you have it cut in, you don't have the option of doing different things with it, apart from pulling the rest of the hair up." This haircut embraces Farrah Fawcett's iconic feathered and flipped hairstyle of the '70s. To style this cut, dry your hair with a blow dryer and use a round brush to flick the bangs out. 

Cropped pixie cut

Looking to go for a super short cut? Try Zoë Kravitz's iconic cropped pixie hairstyle. The cropped pixie cut is the shortest variation of the classic favorite that will give you a confident, bold look. The best part about this cut is that it's extremely low-maintenance. You can't really use too many styling tools on this 'do since the length is so short, which leaves you with hair that stays looking put together with little to no effort. 

Side swept cut

For extra volume and bounce, sweep your hair to one side and add a few defining layers all throughout your locks. This will give you a tousled, beachy wave-styled hairdo that looks amazing with platinum blonde hair. This hairstyle is great if you have dimensional platinum blonde hair that features a blend of shades. The layers and side swept part will highlight the various colors of your locks, making this a great haircut choice for platinum blonde hair.

Layered pixie cut

For an edgier take on the pixie cut, try the layered pixie cut to have fun with different lengths. Kristen Stewart showed off her grungy chic cut with long sweeping layers in the front and a short pixie cut in the back. This hairstyle looks best swept to one side and may require some extra time and haircare products to style. We recommend using the Oribe Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste to style your cut. This ultra-smooth molding paste will give your hair the hold, texture, and shine you need to style your layers.

Buzz cut

If you're really looking to make a statement with your haircut, opt for a buzzcut to show off your platinum blonde color. Amber Rose became known for her signature platinum blonde buzzcut and showed us just how bold and beautiful this look can be. This cut is perfect for those who are after a daring, showy hairstyle that accentuates your facial features. You won't need to do any styling with this cut and can wake up and be out the door in minutes.

Extra long and sleek

If layers aren't your style, let your hair grow out to replicate this beautiful long lock look. It's very Barbiecore, but maintaining a platinum blonde color can dry out and damage your hair, causing breakage. We recommend going to your hairstylist for a short trim every few months to maintain your hair's health, get rid of split ends, and help your hair grow longer. This haircut is low-maintenance and can be styled in a variety of ways including wavy, straight, natural, or even in TikTok's viral glam ponytail.

Short choppy layers

Short choppy layers are making a comeback and we're not complaining. This haircut looks great on fine or thin hair as you can really play around with the choppy layers and get a lot more definition from your hair. We recommend using molding paste to get your hair just right as this cut does require some extra effort to get the layers to hold in place. Pair this cut with a wispy fringe, curtain bangs, or side bangs for a fun and unique twist.

The French bob

The French bob is shaping up to be a trending haircut this season and for good reason. This messy, tousled bob is perfect if you want to cut off your locks in style while still showing off your color. Per Glamour UK, the French bob typically reaches the chin and is paired with a straight cut or tousled fringe, depending on your style. It's a super sophisticated, elegant, and effortless-looking cut that is easy to style and is perfect for the low-maintenance people out there.

Butterfly cut

The butterfly haircut is all about wispy layers, volume, and movement. It's a trendy rendition of the infamous Rachel cut from the hit '90s series "Friends," with a modern twist and can be worn on both long and short locks. Glenn Ellis, a celebrity hairstylist, tells Real Simple, "The shortest layer will be no shorter than the face frame. Think of it as an outward version of the Rachel haircut. The hair is pulled away instead of towards."

Blunt cut

What better way to get your hair healthy than with a fresh blunt chop? If you experienced some hair damage while going platinum, chop off the dead ends with a stylish blunt cut for healthy, luscious locks. A blunt haircut is a sleek, straight cut without layers that looks great on those with straight or fine hair. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Emilia Clarke, Kerry Washington, and Nicki Minaj have all been seen sporting the trendy, bold blunt cut.

Octopus cut

If you want to make a bold statement with a fresh, funky cut, the octopus haircut is the trendy new one everyone is talking about. It's a hybrid of the shag and mullet cut with shorter layers in the front and longer layers in the back. Joe Sirry, co-founder and color specialist at Shag! London, tells Stylist, "It's a less textured version [of the shag] and still manages to keep length with short layers while maintaining the weight at the top."

Short shag

This is another trendy '90s-inspired haircut that looks great on platinum blonde locks. This haircut is all about choppy layers throughout the hair and a classic fringe that defines the cut. Hairstylist Erin Powers explains, "A great shag has got to have the fringe right." She tells Byrdie, "If it's off, then it's not a shag." The short shag is obviously just a shorter version of the shag, with layers that typically reach the mouth line or chin.

Short afro

This simple, low-maintenance, and short afro cut will show off your platinum blonde hair with minimal effort. With this cute cropped cut, you don't need to spend too much time getting ready with styling tools and can effortlessly head out the door in the morning. If you want to keep your hair in place and maintain the definition of your curls, try using the Bumble and Bumble Light Defining Curl Cream to keep your curls hydrated, smooth, and free of any unwanted frizz.

Blonde curls

Bouncy, full curls are having their own moment, while showing us just how versatile platinum blonde can be. You won't need your styling tools with this cut, and can achieve effortless and voluminous curls with a bit of styling and haircare products. To give your curls more hold and bounce, we recommend the Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream. Not only will this cream make your hair smell amazing, but it'll also keep your curls hydrated and defined without the frizz.

'70s style cut

The '70s were all about hair with volume and layers and were heavily inspired by Farrah Fawcett's iconic look. We're seeing a revival of this voluminous, bouncy, and glamorous haircut that will give you weightless waves throughout your locks. It looks good on any length and hair type, and is cut with lots of layers that will bring out your natural texture. This '70s-inspired cut will give you that full, supermodel blowout look that everyone will be wanting this season.

Layered mid-length

This mid-length style is fun, chic, and super easy to maintain. To achieve this effortless cut, ask your hairstyle for soft, long layers throughout your hair. You can rock a middle part like Reese Witherspoon, or go for side-swept and front bangs to spice up the look. Mid-length hair typically reaches the shoulders to the armpit, for that perfect balanced cut. For a quick and simple look, style this hair with your natural locks or add a few waves in your hair for a beach-inspired look.

Layered lob

If you're looking to make a change with your hair but don't want to do anything too bold, a layered lob is the perfect cut for you. A lob is longer than a bob and usually lands between the chin and the collarbone. Matt Fugate, celebrity stylist, tells InStyle, "The lob makes all hair look thick and healthy. [...] Also, the strong lines draw attention to bone structure and help frame the face." The layered lob will give your hair a wispy, textured style that looks great with wavy and natural locks.

Wispy, long layers

If you want to keep your length but don't want to or can't grow extra long locks, this haircut is for you. Wispy, long layers will give your hair subtle, soft dimension for more movement and a sleek shine. Platinum blonde hair looks beautiful on long locks, which Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki shows us with her glamorous and chic SAG awards look. Style your hair pin straight to recreate this, or add curls to your hair for a full, voluminous style.

Wavy lob

Accentuate your hair's natural texture with this wavy lob look. To achieve this hairstyle, ask your stylist for long, wispy layers in the front and soft layers throughout to add extra volume to your locks. If you don't have natural waves or curls — don't panic. You can get natural-looking waves by using the Amika High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper to style your tresses. This hair waver will give you effortless, beach waves without the frizz for a gorgeous, chic look.