Add A Spin To Your Look With A Denim Coat Dress

Although denim dresses and outfits remain a point of contention in fashion, they have continued to appear on the runway and red carpet. Katy Perry wore a denim frock that resembled Britney Spears' legendary 2001 dress at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. In November 2022, Dua Lipa posted photos on Instagram wearing a studded denim maxi dress. And in February 2023, actor Julia Fox wore a risque denim dress out and about in New York City. 

Needless to say, denim dresses are experiencing a major revival and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. As fashion expert Rickie De Sole explained to Vogue, "The denim dress is the perfect trans-season staple, as it can play to both warm and cold temperatures depending on how you style it." However, there's a contemporary version of the denim dress that's rocking the boat — the denim coat dress. 

Lipa once again proved she is a bonafide fashion icon when she wore a trench-coat-like denim dress from Ferragamo's pre-fall 2023 collection in April 2023. As its name suggests, this dual article of clothing can be worn on its own as a dress or as a coat to complete the rest of your outfit. Here's how you can easily incorporate this diverse garment into your own wardrobe.

Wear denim-on-denim

Even if the "Canadian Tuxedo" has an infamous reputation, this shouldn't stop you from indulging in it every once in a while. But how can you style denim on denim without looking like Britney and Justin circa 2001? The answer is simple; add a denim coat dress to your outfit. Instagram user @giusymorello_ wore a contemporary denim-on-denim outfit featuring a denim crop top, flare jeans, and a denim coat dress. Her top is a different shade of denim, making the rest of the outfit pop. Silver metallic heels and a matching purse are sleek additions. Alternatively, you could pair a denim coat dress and jeans with a basic camisole like TikTok user @candacechantel22.

Denim coat dresses ooze spring and summer vibes

You can fully expect the weather to be mild or brisk during the spring. This makes the climate suitable for wearing a denim coat dress while out and about. Stylish Instagrammer @themoderndiva wore her denim coat dress with black ribbon-tie heels and a black bag. Zara sells a similar denim coat dress. Their model wears flip-flops with it, proving that a denim coat dress can be effortlessly styled as either casual or dressy. For a more '90s-inspired summer look, pair a denim coat dress with kitten heels and minimalistic jewelry, much like the Shop Vintage Collection on Instagram.

Go for a sleeveless look

While a denim coat dress typically has long sleeves, a fresh take involves going sleeveless. This sleeveless denim dress by Sportmax implements this idea flawlessly. In one photo, the model wears the denim coat dress as a top with jeans. In another, it's paired with nothing but brown boots. Nevertheless, both looks have an edgy undertone. Instagram user @vialuisa_kure demonstrates how you could also wear this sleeveless denim coat dress on top of a simple T-shirt and skirt combo paired with tall boots. Simply put, there are countless ways to style this piece.

Rock a denim coat dress with cowboy boots

A denim coat dress can be worn with any shoe from high heels to sandals. One way to take your denim coat dress to another level, though, is by wearing it with cowboy boots. Like denim coat dresses, cowboy boots aren't going anywhere — they're a simple way to make a statement no matter the occasion. On Instagram, @lmiradordeannabel wore a white two-piece crochet set with her denim coat dress and white cowboy boots. Ultimately, these additions transform her look from beachy to sophisticated.

Go girly by pairing lace and denim

If your style is softer and more feminine, pairing a denim coat dress with lace is ideal. While this might seem like an odd combination, the look gives off a romantic aesthetic. Instagrammer @yukiemon_ paired a white turtleneck sweater with a long lace skirt and girly, black Mary Jane-style flats. However, the star of the show is her denim coat dress; it adds a quirky touch to the rest of the outfit. Another Instagram user, @pani.wiosna88, donned a denim coat dress with lace sleeves. Both of these outfits create a praiseworthy vintage spirit that doesn't look outdated.