The Baby Tee Is Going To Be A Wardrobe Staple In 2023 - Here's How To Wear It

After the comeback of handkerchief tops from the '90s, another iconic top from the decade is back — the baby tee. It's literally what the name suggests — a tiny T-shirt that looks like it could fit a baby. The figure-hugging top is trending once again, and the woman who kickstarted the trend in the '90s, Linda Meltzer, explains why that is. "Baby tees are both classic and innocent, which I think resonates in these unstable times," the stylist told Vogue.

While its fit is similar to a modern crop top, a baby tee is a bit more retro-looking and easier to style. Because it's not as tight-fitting as a crop top, a baby tee can be worn whenever you feel like your outfit might need a touch of cool. As opposed to a regular or oversized T-shirt, the baby tee allows you to keep a more fitted silhouette up top while still achieving an edgy look.

It can be the most classic piece in a neutral color or a super fun one with a mischievous print; the choices are endless. Whatever your style may be, the baby tee needs to find a place in your closet as a wardrobe staple in 2023.

The ideal wardrobe staple

The baby tee is the ultimate wardrobe essential that works with almost any look. For example, you can pair your baby tee with its ultimate opposite — the oversized suit. These work so well together, especially if you nail the colors as well. Keep it basic and opt for a neutral-colored baby tee if it's your staple outfit item. For a more casual look, go for some cool sneakers and a large bag. Pumps are coming back in style and are also a great shoe choice here for a classier vibe. In that case, a smaller shoulder bag would work best.

An elevated sporty look

The baby tee is the perfect top you need to execute a sporty look with an edge. Opting for neutral shades in a sportswear fit can give you an interesting twist without having to do much. If you're not particularly into athleisure, pairing your baby tee with a cargo mini skirt will elevate this sporty fit while still keeping it laid-back enough. To create some contrast, go for darker accessories. Sneakers, as well as a cross-body bag or a belt bag, would look great here. Keep the jewelry simple and dainty.

Send a message with your baby tee print

The most iconic baby tees have some sort of writing on them. Make your baby tee fun by writing a cool quote or something you stand for on it, and that's all you need for the top to be the star of your outfit. Pair it with your favorite jeans and some sneakers, and you're basically good to go. Flared or straight-leg jeans would complete this Y2K look flawlessly. To elevate the fit just a little bit, add some cute sunglasses and a colorful bag that stands out.

A long skirt to balance the fitted silhouette

For a more feminine vibe, pair your baby tee with a long, flowy skirt. The silhouette of the skirt will balance out the form-fitting top. Color-coordinate the skirt and the baby tee to make the fit look purposefully styled. If you opted for a light-colored route with the two, create contrast with your accessories, and vice versa. Leather shoes like a pair of loafers would be a very fashionable choice, but if you'd like something more relaxed, an open-toe sandal will work just as well.

A fun pair of pants is a baby tee's best friend

Whether it's cargo, leather, or parachute pants, a fun pair of bottoms will elevate your baby tee to fashionista level. Depending on your style and the silhouette you're going for, work around the bottoms and make your baby tee the co-star. A parachute pant would benefit from a more minimalistic approach — a basic baby tee, dad sneakers, and a baguette shoulder bag. For a more chic aesthetic, add some chunky gold jewelry and oversized sunglasses, and switch out your baguette bag for a larger suede model.

Boot weather

Baby tees are versatile enough to be worn all year round. For those late summer nights or early fall coffee dates, pair your baby tee with a midi skirt and some cute boots. A midi skirt works well with both of these pieces, as it adds an elegant touch to the outfit without breaking the continuity of the bottom part. Leather boots are a great choice here; they will balance out the femininity of the skirt. Choose pointy or square-toed ones and color-coordinate them with your skirt. As for the accessories, a fun bag and minimal jewelry are ideal.

Go knitted

If you want to switch it up a little, opt for a knitted version of the baby tee. It can be worn as a statement piece in the warmer seasons and as a staple piece once the temperature drops. For the former, pair it with some linen trousers or a longer skirt to contrast the top's fit. Go for open-toe shoes for the ultimate summer fashion. For autumn and winter, put a cool jacket over and pair it with square-toed boots and a larger leather bag — this will contrast perfectly with the dainty knit.

Get ready for soccer season

The so-called 'Brazilian aesthetic' is trending every time there's a soccer tournament happening somewhere in the world, and the baby tee is an unavoidable part of the look. Under TikTok's #brasilcore, many users can be seen wearing it in Brazil's traditional shades of green, yellow, and blue. To rock this baby tee trend regardless of whether it's soccer season or not, pair it with some baggy jeans and sneakers for that cool girl effect. Futuristic retro sunglasses are a must here. For ultimate tropical vibes, wear the tee with a colorful mini skirt and some platform heels.

The power of a white baby tee

To get the most out of your white baby tee, go for an all-white outfit. Low-rise white pants would be great here for some exposed navel, but any white bottoms are good. If you opt for a graphic tee, make sure the accents on it match your accessories. If the tee has black details, stick to a black bag, black sunglasses, and black shoes. This will create dimension in your white fit without taking away from it. Make sure the bag and the sunglasses aren't too big if you want your baby tee in the spotlight.

Make it colorful

If you like your colors, keep them for your baby tee as well. For a homogenous feel, color-coordinate the rest of your outfit with the tee. For example, if your top is blue, regular jeans or navy trousers would work well as a bottom. Don't underestimate the power of headpieces, as they can tie the look together and be the cherry on top; just stay in the same color scheme. Balance the monochrome with some shades in a contrasting color and a cute shoulder bag.