Pumps Are Coming Back In Style — How To Rock Them In A New, Fun Way

Pumps are cool again! Since they're a classic, you might already own a pair. The thing is, though, not all pumps are coming back in style. According to the latest runway reports, pointy pumps are all the rage. For a more modern look, you may want to skip pulling out that pair of heels with rounded toes from the back of your closet.

Stylist and wardrobe organizer Caitlyn Jaymes explains why rounded-toe pumps aren't making the cut for her either in a TikTok video. "This is purely because it's typically not flattering on someone's figure," she says, adding that the shoe visually makes her clients' legs shorter because of its rounded toe shape. On the other hand, the pointy toe on a pump gives you the illusion of elongated legs, which is never a bad idea.

After living up high while styling platform heels and trendy platform sneakers, it's time to come down a little bit. If you've never liked chunky shoes, the return of pumps is the perfect trend for you to try.

Pumps as office wear

As the classic piece they are, pumps are the perfect shoe to wear to the office. They're always appropriate if you work an office job; you can't really go wrong. Depending on your preference, style them with a dress or a pantsuit. Don't forget to have a little fun! Incorporate colors into your look and make the pumps stand out. If it's cold out, consider wearing visible socks or tights that contrast the color of the pumps. Accessorize with cool jewelry to nail the corporate runway look.

Date night chic in heels

Pumps might sound a little boring, but they're far from basic. Since they're such a classic, you can dress them up or down for basically any occasion. Don't overlook them as the perfect date-night shoe! They don't have to be a statement piece at all; they can just complement your outfit perfectly. Pair them with a cute little dress and make them the perfect addition to your look. For example, wear black tights with black pumps to create the illusion of longer legs. Your significant other will surely notice.

Switch it up with a midi skirt

Incorporate your pumps into everyday wear by pairing them with your midi skirts. It may sound like it's going to give off an office vibe, but it's all in how you make it work together. When pairing a midi skirt with pumps, you need structural contrast to avoid looking too harsh. For example, try contrasting the structure of the bottom part of your outfit by choosing an unexpected top, like a tank top. The coolness of a tank top will balance the midi length and the pumps perfectly, creating a fashion-forward look.

The going-out shoe

Pumps are often more comfortable than other going-out shoes because they don't have to be super high, necessarily, and they sit securely on your feet. This is exactly what makes them perfect for dancing! Let loose and choose a fun-colored pump to go with your night-out outfit. You can make them the statement piece if you'd like, or your entire look can be fun and spotlight-stealing! That's the beauty of pumps — they're never too much, not even if they're chrome.

Go monogram

Pumps can do more for an outfit than most expect. If you want them to stand out but are not necessarily a lover of color, don't worry — the monogram is here. Monogrammed pumps can be the perfect addition to your everyday, casual wear if you don't want to go overboard but still want to elevate your look. If you're a minimalist fashionista that loves a classic look with a twist, monogrammed pumps are the cherry on top of this outfit recipe.

Denim on denim — on pumps

Pairing a pair of pumps with a full denim look creates the perfect balance. Make sure you know how to properly style denim on denim before embarking on this style combo. When you've nailed your denim pairing, all that's left to do is put on your pumps. Consider rocking a more rugged denim vibe, like baggy jeans and an oversized denim shirt. That way, your cute pointy pumps will be the unexpected feminine twist of your outfit. Complement the color of your pumps and accessories to elevate the look even more.

Y2K mania meets pumps

The 2000s fashion trends might not be in everyone's style domain, but some styles are kind of underrated. The dresses-over-pants trend is coming back, so why not modernize the look? A pair of pumps will help you do just that. The key is to stay away from color and different textures if you want to avoid giving off elementary school vibes. Opt for a monochrome look in a classic shade, like black, white, or tan. Match your pumps with it, and there you have it — you've successfully nailed two reappearing trends.