A Third Curious Caterer Movie Is In The Works At Hallmark

Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach are practically Hallmark royalty. Both actors have lengthy careers with the network that continue to blossom. In April 2022, Walker and DeLoach teamed up to star in Hallmark's "Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate." The mystery film is an adaptation of a book of the same name from the popular "Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery Series" by author Diane Mott Davidson. DeLoach portrays Goldy Berry, a caterer who joins forces with Detective Tom Schultz (Walker) to solve a friend's murder. The film received rave reviews prompting a second installment. In February 2023, Hallmark released "Curious Caterer: Grilling Season."

Walker and DeLoach reprised their roles as Goldy and Tom. In the film, Tom helps Goldy prove her innocence when she comes under suspicion of murder. Just like the first film, "Curious Caterer: Grilling Season," was a hit with audiences. DeLoach told Southern Living that she delighted in portraying Goldy a second time, saying, "Every time you work as an actor, you're blessed. I think every time you get an opportunity to do what we love to do, it's so much gratitude. To get an opportunity to do a second installment of a mystery movie that you really love, there's more gratitude. You feel even more fortunate to be doing this." 

As luck would have it, Heavy reported that Walker confirmed on his Instagram in March 2023 that a third "Curious Caterer" movie is happening.

Here's what we know about Curious Caterer: Last Suppers

Warning: possible spoilers ahead 

Per Creative BC, the third installment of the mystery series is "Curious Caterer: Last Suppers." At the time of this publication, there is little information about the movie, which experienced Hallmark auteur Paul Ziller will direct. Filming was scheduled for April 2023. "The Last Suppers" is the fourth book in the "Goldy Bear Culinary Mystery Series" by Diane Mott Davidson. The book focuses on the impending nuptials between Goldy Bear and Tom Schultz. That is until their big day is interrupted by murder. However, the plot of "Curious Caterer: Last Suppers" is unknown. 

In the film series, Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach's Goldy and Tom are not yet in a romantic relationship. While promoting "Curious Caterer: Grilling Season," DeLoach noted to Southern Living that the onscreen love story between Goldy and Tom is a slow burn. 

She explained, "Tom did come out of a divorce, as did Goldy. And Goldy has a child. And when you have a kid, it's more of a careful dance in the love and romance department ... I do think we did a good job of showing, not telling but showing the audience that these two have been spending more time together and are inching closer and closer to each other romantically."

This will be the sixth film Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach have worked on together

The "Curious Caterer" franchise is not the first or second time Andrew Walker and Nikki DeLoach have starred in a Hallmark film together. Before the premiere of "Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate," Walker and DeLoach had been love interests in three other movies for the network, including "The Perfect Catch," and "Sweet Autumn." The upcoming "Curious Caterer: Last Suppers" will mark their sixth Hallmark film together. In February 2023, DeLoach told Us Weekly that she had wanted to do a mystery film with Walker for years. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Walker and DeLoach doted on each other and revealed that they have a strong bond on and off the screen.

Walker noted, "That's the really neat thing about working with Nikki is that I could do it a hundred times with her and it's still fresh because she has this work ethic and this excitement and this passion for what she does that we both are very similar." 

Moreover, both Walker and DeLoach have said that they love being Hallmark stars. The costars explained to Us Weekly that Hallmark feels more like a "family" than a network. No doubt you'll be seeing more of Walker and DeLoach on Hallmark. DeLoach told Southern Living that she and Walker are interested in doing several more installments of "Curious Caterer."