Missing An Earring Back? Try This Hack When You're In A Pinch

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Sometimes leaving your house without jewelry feels like you're completely naked. How dare your neck, wrist, or ears just flaunt around all exposed. But seriously, wearing jewelry is comforting and stylish, and it adds a shiny finish to your overflowing confidence. With giant stud earrings trending, it'll be hard to forget to slap on a pair. So when your perfect statement earring breaks up with the back piece, all hell breaks loose.

An earring is practically useless without the push back, and those tiny pieces seem to disintegrate into thin air. You can still decorate your lobes with the stud, but it will only take two steps before the precious stone drops to the floor. This moment is when you regret not buying those hoops or dangling hooks earrings instead.

Although it's raining on your fashionista parade, the sun will soon shine again. You can fix your jewelry mishap with an eraser. It's a quick and easy hack that will save your earrings (and sanity) when the back piece has run away.

An eraser is all you need

When your earring back is missing, and you don't want to take them out, your only option is to hold the jewelry in place. Therefore, you need an eraser. This common school supply is the perfect material to secure your fine gems and won't impede your day-to-day routine. All you have to do is snip the eraser off of a pencil and stab it onto your earring post. The eraser will fit snugly, and the soft rubber will sit comfortably behind your ear. You can use the whole eraser, or slice it in half to double the DIY back pieces if you need more than one.

If the first erasers you can get your hands on are the big handheld ones, the hack will still work. You'll just have to cut these rubbers to size — a scissor, knife, or even ruler will do. However, if you find yourself frequently using erasers more as earring backs than to fix mistakes, you might want to upgrade your back pieces to keep them in sight.

Try locking backs to keep earrings in place

If you own earrings, you've probably lost a back piece or two at some point. Whether it's a standard post back with a butterfly backing or a screw design, those suckers just love to go missing. While the eraser hack is great as a temporary replacement, investing in backs that won't come off unless you take them off is a game changer. Back pieces from the jewelry brand Chrysmela use a double-locking system to keep your favorite pair of earrings pinned and propped. A pair of these super-secure backs cost $55 and are designed to fit your standard and screw earring posts. Their staying power might even help you keep your jewelry organized once and for all.

There are also budget-friendly options, so you can always have a replacement on hand. A pack of 1,200 silicon earring back pieces will run you about $5 on Amazon. You can also opt for six butterfly backs in silver or gold plated sterling for just $12. Regardless if you're using an eraser, locking back piece, or cheap replacement, secure your earrings right and flaunt them without fear.