Embracing Menopause Can Give You A New Outlook On Life

Menopause has long been considered by many to be the end of life as they know it. It doesn't help that there are countless TV shows and movies depicting women going through 'the change' in a negative light. To those who don't fully understand the biological and emotional changes taking place, it can be looked upon as a time of life that is riddled with discomfort, as well as a sign that you are getting older, past your prime, and no longer of childbearing age.

The truth is that menopause is a normal and expected part of any birthing person's life, just as is getting a period for the first time. It is nothing to be feared or denied. It simply means that it has been a full twelve months since you last had a period, and are no longer fertile.

While it's true that menopause does put an end to your ability to get pregnant, it doesn't have to be a depressing and scary time. In fact, with the right mindset, menopause can be the beginning of a wonderful time in your life — one where you embrace everything life has to offer. 

The physical benefits of menopause

One of the immediate physical benefits of menopause is no longer having to deal with a monthly period and all the side effects that come with it. After a lifetime of timing when your period will show up next, you can say a final goodbye to tampons and pads; quite a lovely upside. 

For those who suffered from PMS as well as those who have experienced perimenopausal symptoms, not having monthly cramps, mood changes, emotional lows, food cravings, and bloating is a welcome change. "Perimenopause involves a number of years of a very rough hormonal ride, so there's no question, particularly for women who have had mood changes around these hormonal fluxes, that menopause can be an 'Ahhhh!' kind of time," Dr. Cynthia Stuenkel, endocrinologist and women's health expert tells Everyday Health.

For most people, symptoms are the worst during perimenopause and gradually dwindle as menopause hits. As hormones settle down in the postmenopausal period, you may find a renewed sense of calm.

Menopause can open up a whole new understanding of yourself

From a practical standpoint, you can't discount the freedom that comes from not having to worry about unintended pregnancy anymore. For those in long-term committed relationships, it may be the first time you don't have to use birth control anymore.

Perhaps even greater than the newfound physical changes may be the profound shift in how you see yourself. With a newfound ability to feel more on an even keel, you may approach your life from a whole new standpoint, one centered on you; You may feel committed to focusing on yourself for possibly the first time in your life. Good Housekeeping surveyed their readers about what they took away from menopause. Among the responses were, "It's a beautiful time in our lives," "Give yourself a break, rest more, and become more introspective of your own life," and "Life is somehow more liberating after menopause."

For many, this may be the first time they find themselves free from caring for small children while at the same time feeling steady in their careers, finances, and relationships. For others, this awakening nudges them to reevaluate their line of work — possibly even their partner too — and decide if they are truly happy. Menopause opens up countless avenues of exploration to truly enjoy all aspects of your life.