Days Of Our Lives Explainer: Bo Brady's Resurrection

No matter how long you've been watching "Days of Our Lives," it's abundantly clear that Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) is a pretty big deal on the show. Bo is an iconic character who is known for his ties to many of Salem's most prominent families, such as the Bradys, Hortons, and Kiriakis. As the son of Caroline Brady and Victor Kiriakis, Bo has been at the center of many of the sudser's most compelling and entertaining storylines throughout the decades. Of course, his epic love story with Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso) is likely what fans remember most about the character.

In 2015, viewers were saddened when they watched Bo return to Salem to reunite with his friends and family members only to die from a brain tumor shortly after. Bo's death was supposed to bring closure to "Days of Our Lives" fans after Reckell decided he no longer wanted to appear on the show. However, in 2022, all of that changed with the actor returning to reprise the role in the show's spin-off series "Beyond Salem."

For most of the series, Bo was seen as a spirit in heaven watching over Hope as she found herself in danger. However, he was later brought back to the land of the living in a wild and wacky storyline that changed the show forever.

Bo was brought back to life by Megan Hathaway

During the second season of "Beyond Salem," viewers watched Bo continue to act as Hope's guardian angel, of sorts. He was unhappy to see that Hope was in trouble and her life was in jeopardy. He did all that he could to be able to save her, including reuniting with her in heaven before sending her back to the land of the living. However, Bo soon followed his wife when he woke up in the DiMera lab after being dead for nearly a decade.

Fans quickly discovered that Meghan Hathaway, the devious daughter of Stefano DiMera, had been keeping Bo's body cryogenically frozen all of these years. Then, through the use of three prisms that held priceless medical technology and information, she was able to bring him back to life. Viewers were stunned that Bo was alive, and it was soon announced that he would also be returning to "Days of Our Lives" to continue the storyline.

Months later, both Bo and Hope were seen again as Bo was being held on a Greek island with Megan and Dr. Rolf as they attempted to make him fall in love with Megan and forget his former life in Salem.

Bo fell into a coma shortly after reuniting with Hope

Although Megan Hathaway was successful in bringing Bo Brady back to life, she couldn't make him have romantic feelings toward her. However, he didn't love Hope either. Instead, Bo was fixated on getting away from Megan's grasp and Dr. Rolf's research. Bo happened to run into his sister Kayla Brady at the lab as she, Marlena Evans, and Kate Roberts were also being held there by Megan. Bo forced Kayla to leave the lab with him to begin working to recreate Rolf's research. Bo was obsessed with the idea of creating Rolf's serum and gaining money and power from it all as he followed in the footsteps of his wealthy mogul father, Victor Kiriakis.

Finally, Bo and Hope came face to face, and it was shocking for Hope to see her husband in the flesh. However, their emotional reunion was ruined when it was clear that Bo no longer felt the same as he once did. Holding Hope at gunpoint, he attempted to kill her. At the last moment, Hope got through to Bo, who remembered the love they once shared. Sadly, it was too late. The couple's son, Shawn, shot Bo, leaving him in a coma.

Bo's future is now up in the air, and it remains to be seen if he'll return to Salem for more exciting storylines now that he's been brought back to life.