Bubble Gloss Nails Are The Perfect Minimalist Mix Between The Jelly And Supermodel Nail Trends

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Supermodel nails were your jam in the '90s, and you were stoked when the trend came back into fashion. You couldn't wait to make your appointment with your favorite nail tech to get your next set of acrylics. However, that flattering, clean look has outstayed its welcome on your fingers at this point. It's time to try something a little different.

Bubble gloss is trending heavily, and it could be right up your alley. Essentially, this new trend takes the super clean and fresh look of the supermodel style and gives it a more toned-down spin. With this trend, you focus more on the beauty of your real nails but add a pearlescent shine that captures every ray of light coming from the sun. 

Get inspired for your next manicure by checking out several different bubble gloss nail iterations, from basic to those with a little something extra. And the good news is you don't necessarily need to schedule an appointment for this look, either. You can create your own bubble gloss style at home with the right polish.

Enjoy long, glossy bubble nails

Bubble nails take advantage of the natural beauty of your nails. They just add a high gloss coat to make it capture the light and add interesting depth to the slightly pink nail color. Instagrammer @mimi.doesbeauty illustrates how beautiful a natural, long bubble nail can look. While you can create this look on your bare nail, many salons also use acrylic tips and gels to give that sheer makeover. However, no one in your friend group will know these aren't your original, delicious-looking nails.

Sweet daisies to brighten up your bubble nails

The look of the bubble nail is all about taking your nails' natural colors to new and iridescent levels. That's the true beauty of the "bubble" in bubble gloss. However, that doesn't mean that you can't add your own unique flair to this look. Nail technician @buffedbyamelia makes the bubble gloss trend a little more cheerful with the addition of daisies at the base of each finger. The white daisy with the yellow centers adds a much-needed pop of color to the otherwise bare-nail-looking manicure. 

Perfectly pink bubble gloss manicure

You've always been a little partial to the bubble gum pink manicure that looks so fabulous on your work bestie, but you just haven't found the right occasion to sport such a toned-down shade yourself. Hopping on the bubble gloss trend is just the opportunity you need. Add a flair of pink to your minimalist mani like @progresofnails did on this minimalist nail look. The hint of pink adds a beautiful glow to the nail bed, and it's completed with a square tip. It's like a little kiss to make your nails smile whenever you look down. 

Clean, fresh nails with a dot of joy

After trying trends like rhinestones, glitter, and all the glam you could possibly imagine, it might be time to take your nails back into more minimalistic territory. The bubble gloss nail style gives you a hint of glam but doesn't go overboard. If you still need a little something extra to make your nails feel complete, you might add a little flourish, like a dot or two at the base of the nail itself. The contrasting black and white really draw the eye to let everyone enjoy the beautiful, iridescent glow this style creates.

Glossy, medium nails for a more natural look

If you're someone that takes really good care of your natural nails, you should be confident enough to show them off with a minimalist look that finds its footing in nudes and sheer, iridescent pinks. It's a beautiful way to illustrate how growing out your nails has paid off. Tiktoker @clawgasmic demonstrates how to achieve the perfect bubble nail at home with the use of OPI polishes. Always make sure you've pushed your cuticles and cleaned up your ends first, and then start by laying the base with a nude color, then follow up with Baby Take a Vow to add just a hint of razzle-dazzle. 

Chrome up your bubble nail look

The way the bubble gloss trend makes your nail bed shine is a thing of dreams. It provides a lustrous shimmer that will have you staring at your manicure for hours. It's also fun when you combine it with a subtle modern French manicure. Nail artist @ellilouisnails added a sparkling chrome tip to the simple bubble nail look. It's spiking serious wow-factor vibes with nails that are glowing right out of the screen. Round it out with a perfect almond tip, and it's a look you have to try.

Simple, square bubble gloss nails with a twist

It doesn't matter which nail look you try; when you add a square tip, it always sends out classic feels into the world. The bubble gloss trend combined with a square tip is what manicure fantasies are made of. Beautiful, yet so regal, you'll feel just like a queen. Adding to that subtle beauty would be hard, but @labrossenails pulls it off in a fabulous way by adding a glamorous and super delicate, hand-painted flower. It's just a simple addition, but it takes the overall aesthetic of the look to another level entirely. 

Sharp, sheer pearl-pink bubble gloss style nails

The moment that pointed nails walked onto the scene you haven't looked back. Sure, you might have a subtle point or go all out with that stiletto tip, but your love of the claw look has never wavered. You can't imagine your nails without those tips. Therefore, you might not feel like the realist style of the bubble gloss look is for you. But nail guru @angie_belleamebeauty shows just how stunning this style can look on a pointed nail. The pinks of the nail bed dazzle in the light, making your pointed nails look outright divine.

Pleasantly rose-pink glossy nails you'll love

Nails are an important part of your life, so you follow all the recommendations by the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) to keep your nails shaped, regularly trimmed, and rounded for maximum strength. You're also a firm believer in cycling your nails between styles to keep them looking their best. Bubble nails are perfect for when you're trying to give your nails a little break from the harsh acrylics of those trending styles. With a light coat of polish, you can give your nails a high-gloss glow with just a hint of pink.

Soft, clean bubble gloss nails for a natural mani

Some people aren't made to put a lot of fuss into their nails. Plus, sometimes it's fun to let those bare nails you've been working hard to bring back to life have their day in the sun. But that doesn't mean you need to have short, stubby nails, either. You can rock the bubble look by shaping your natural nail and adding a soft, neutral gel polish like OPI Putting it in Neutral. The polish gives your nails that sheer gloss on whichever tip you desire. Or if you love the minimalistic style, but can't grow your nails out, try adding a bit of gloss to a hyperrealistic manicure instead. 

Make your tips stand out with bubble gloss sparkles

The rosy glow that the bubble gloss trend gives to your nails is a stroke of sheer brilliance. But if you still want to give your tips a little bit of love, spice it up with a little bit of glitter. Nail artist @beautybykathrynandco adds a hint of wow to this otherwise realistic look by adding a fading glitter tip to it. It's like a sparkle and shine storm that makes the richness of the glossy nail bed extra beautiful. After all, a little bit of glitter makes everything better.

Oyster around with a glossy style

You've probably noticed that a bubble gloss and a French manicure are a match made in the heavens. The shine of the nail bed created by the sheer polish makes the tips so much more radiant. Just when you think that it couldn't get better, Instagrammer @nailsforyou_byviki proves that it can. The combination of a bubble gloss with an oyster tip creates a radiance that will have admirers covering their eyes to hide from the glare. It's a simple design that can look equally chic with your blazer or sleek red dress. 

Glossy pink nails with real pizzazz

Nude bubble gloss has piqued your fancy. But you've always been a lover of adding a little pink to your life, especially with the sheer amount of rose gold and pink jewelry you have on hand. Take this look to astronomically girlier levels by adding a glossy, baby-pink overcoat. Nail artist and Instagrammer @nail_bliss showcased how fabulous sheer pink can look by adding an almond tip to this nude nail style. It highlights the nail's beauty while looking great with that pink blouse you adore.

Sweet bubble nails with a radiant glow

Glorious manicures come in all shapes and sizes. You might beautify your nails by adding tip extensions, rhinestones, and even a little jewelry. Or you might keep your nails on the shorter side by adding a little sizzle with pearlescent gel. Check out the beauty that @oliveandjune brings to the natural nail game with their stupendously pearlescent creation. The nails are molded into a perfect almond shape, but the color makes them literally glow in the light as it radiates all that perfect pearliness. 

Add a little sweetness to your bubble manicure

The bubble gloss style accentuates super-long nails by making them shimmer and sparkle. However, it can be a little too dull for some. Keep your love of all things creative alive by adding a fun little candy to the base of your nail, just like TikToker @bam_glam_nails. It's sure to liven up that luster. Suffice it to say that, if the supermodel manicure has been your go-to for years, you can't go wrong by adding the luster of the bubble gloss trend. It keeps your realistic look but adds tons of sparkle that will leave all your friends super jelly.