Hallmark's Set For Love With An All-New June Weddings Movie Lineup

There are two things that just make sense: June weddings and Hallmark movies about love. Put those two together and you have a match made in heaven. Hallmark agrees, which is why they created their June lineup full of new movies all surrounding the basic theme of weddings. It is well-known that June is one of the most popular months to get married. 

Whether couples are hoping to walk down the aisle in the summer sun (before it gets too hot, of course) or are sticking to the age-old tradition of June being the best month to get married due to the goddess Juno, the protector of women, June and weddings just make sense. So, when it was announced that all of Hallmark's new movies released this coming June were about weddings, fans rejoiced. 

The movies feature some of our favorite stars, like Becca Tobin from "Glee" fame and "Days of Our Lives" actor Casey Deidrick. So, get ready to scape the heat and cuddle up each Saturday in June for one of these love-focused films.

Wedding Season

The first movie to premiere, on June 3, is "Wedding Season." Starring Stephanie Bennett, a Canadian actor who has dominated the TV movie space, and Casey Deidrick, who most recently starred in the CW show "Into the Dark," the story follows Bennett, who plays a journalist named Trish whose three best friends are all getting married in quick succession. When she is unable to find a date to accompany her to one of the weddings, she takes one of her friend's brothers, played by Deidrick. You can probably guess what happens next, but there's nothing as comforting as a random-date-turned-romance story.

Love's Greek to Me

If you're hoping for a feel-good movie set against a gorgeous backdrop, this is the one for you. "Love's Greek to Me" takes place in Santorini, which means even if you don't get into the plot, you can enjoy simply looking at the beauty in each scene. The movie stars Torrey DeVitto, whom you'll recognize from "Chicago Med" and "Pretty Little Liars," Giannis Tsimitselis, a Swiss actor, and Marina Sirtis. Plus, it has everything you could want from a wedding-centric movie: A proposal, the big day itself, and an over-the-top mother-in-law. It premieres June 10.

The Wedding Contract

If you are a millennial who loved all things "Glee" and "Degrassi," you won't want to miss "The Wedding Contract" when it drops on June 17. It stars Becca Tobin, who played Kitty Wilde in "Glee" and now co-hosts the popular podcast "The LadyGang" and Jake Epstein, who was Craig on "Degrassi: The Next Generation." The story follows the pair, who are engaged and planning their wedding only to run into problems like their respective mothers meeting for the first time and work successes getting in the way. 

Make Me a Match

The final movie in Hallmark's June Weddings lineup is "Make Me a Match." Last but certainly not least, it follows the modern love story of using an app to find a partner, except this time around, the lead, played by Eva Bourne, works at the company that owns a matchmaking app. When the app starts to fail, she calls on a popular Indian matchmaker (Rekha Sharma) for help, whose dreamy son, played by "Grey's Anatomy" star Rushi Kota, may just be the one for her. "Make Me a Match" premiers on June 24.