The Famous Franchise Taylor Cole Appeared In Before Moving To Hallmark

Taylor Cole has been working in the entertainment industry since 2004 when she landed a role on "Summerland." However, acting was not always the road she wanted to take for her career. Cole was a passionate athlete throughout her childhood and well into her high school years, playing volleyball and even snagging a spot on the Junior Olympics team, but an injury sidelined her.

Volleyball was not her only passion. Golf also interested the actor who shared with Elevated Magazines, "I fell in love with golf before I fell in love with acting, although I found both by accident," continuing "I grew up with my dad, so when I was little, I asked for a Barbie, but he instead got me golf clubs."

Although landing a career in entertainment was accidental, she has had a successful run. Finding her acting chops on The Hallmark Channel changed her life entirely; she has Hallmark to thank for her marriageBefore beginning her career on The Hallmark Channel, Cole made an appearance on this popular TV show.

You may recognize Cole from her role on CSI: Miami

Taylor Cole has become a staple on The Hallmark Channel, but before she worked with the network, she had a spot on the hit TV show "CSI: Miami." Early in her career, she landed a role on an episode of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," but in 2011, she got a recurring role on the spin-off series.

Cole's character on "CSI: Miami” was named Samantha Owens, and she made her debut in Season 10. While her character may have only had an eleven-episode arc, she was the last addition made to the cast before the series came to an abrupt halt. Sadly for fans of "CSI: Miami," there was no finale, as Entertainment Weekly reported that the show was canceled following the filming of Cole's debut season. What happened to Samatha Owens? There are no real answers.

Luckily for Cole, her career didn't stop with the ending of the crime show. She has gone on to have a long and extensive career on television.

She's also had cameos on several other hit series

Taylor Cole's first venture on The Hallmark Channel was "Appetite For Love." Since then, she has appeared in nearly 15 films for the network. While she may shine in the TV movie circuit, that is not the only space the actor has worked in since the conclusion of "CSI: Miami."

Cole has landed a few other spots on various TV series. She appeared on one episode of "Hawaii Five-O" shortly after "CSI" wrapped in 2012. She's also made cameos on "Castle," "Supernatural," "Ballers," and "Impastor." 

Hallmark movies are not the only films the actor has been in. You can catch Cole in "Bad Blood," "Dumbbells," and "The Ganzfeld Haunting." Her time at Hallmark, however, has been some of the busiest of her career, and she shows no sign of slowing down, with at least one new movie coming out each year since she joined the channel in 2016 (via IMDb).