The Nod To Meghan And Harry's Love Story At King Charles' Coronation You Might Have Missed

There was a subtle nod to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's love story at the coronation of King Charles III. It's safe to say that there has been plenty of talk leading up to the coronation on how Prince Harry and Megan Markle would be included, or even excluded, from the historic event. Royal fans will already know that the turbulent history between the king and his estranged son have made his and Meghan's inclusion in the ceremony a bit of an iffy situation. 

Ultimately, Harry attended the ceremony while Meghan and their children Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet did not, a move which left Harry feeling discomfort at the coronation, a body language experts claim. But while Prince William of Wales played a role in the ceremony, Harry did not. He was also excluded from the iconic Buckingham Palace balcony afterwards (via CBS News).

Despite these snubs, the choice of choir that performed at the coronation ceremony indicates that Harry and Meghan were not far from King Charles' heart.

Harry and Meghan's wedding choir performed at the coronation

A plethora of excited guests around the world tuned in to watch King Charles' coronation. The ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey, in longstanding tradition. As beautiful and elaborate as the outfits, location, and decorations were, the music for the coronation also deserves a spotlight all its own. The angelic voices from the choir made for a fitting accompaniment to the event. However, there was another reason the inclusion pulled at our heartstrings.

Fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might recognize the choir in attendance as being the same to have performed at the couple's wedding. Per Entertainment Tonight, the Ascension Choir, which is part of the Kingdom Choir that performed at Harry and Meghan's royal wedding ceremony, was invited to sing at the coronation by none other than King Charles III himself. Dressed in elegant white, the choir delighted the attendees with pieces composed for the coronation.

While Harry might have been seated apart from the rest of the immediate royal family members, it's clear that the king still wanted to recognize his son and daughter-in-law's love story as part of his own big day.

The wedding was a shared fond memory

Lately, it seems as though there has been nothing but tension brewing between King Charles III, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. Prince Harry's spill-all memoir, "Spare", was the final push towards estrangement in a feud that has been growing for quite some time, ultimately resulting in the prince's exclusion from the coronation. However, the relationship between the two parties hasn't always been on the outs. In fact, all signs point to the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan being a good memory for everyone.

You may recall that there didn't seem to be anyone as thrilled about the wedding of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan as then-Prince Charles. He was in attendance at the 2018 royal wedding and then hosted an after party in their honor at Frogmore House later in the evening (via TIME). During a tour of King Charles and Queen Camilla's home, People discovered that he and his wife keep a very telling photo on display in their living room. The photo is of King Charles escorting Meghan down the aisle on the day of her and Harry's wedding.

It may be a stretch, but maybe the inclusion of the choir at the May 6 coronation was King Charles' way of reminding Prince Harry and Meghan of better times and that he does still care about them. Only time will tell if healing is in the works for this strained royal relationship.