The Bowl Cut Is A Nostalgic Hairstyle Getting Its Second Chance In 2023

You know how the saying goes — if at first, you don't succeed, get back up and try again. There are so many hairstyles from decades past that are getting another shot in the spotlight, this time with an updated twist to fit today's beauty standards. Wearing a rattail nowadays might still be seen as a fashion faux pas, but rocking jellyfish hair, the rattail's more modern cousin, shows you're on top of what's in.

Many of us adored face-framing layers, '90s curls, and crimp waves, and since they were fashionable in their heyday, it was only a matter of time before these classic hairstyles resurfaced on the runway. But the bowl cut? While it certainly strikes chords of nostalgia, this iconic cut is more famous for being the hairstyle of comic-relief characters and chic-geek rock band members. It's rarely been considered high fashion ... at least, until now.

The bowl cut is getting a revival in 2023 as more and more people decide to give the circular hairstyle a fresh new take. There's nothing comical about the updated bowl cut — by giving it a few tweaks, you can make the cut more fashionable than it's ever been.

Draw inspiration from '90s pixie cuts

The bowl cut's resurgence is part of a continuation of trendy short hairstyles in 2023. If you want in on the trend, simply cutting your hair in a bowl shape isn't enough.

Moses Horwitz, more commonly known as Moe from "The Three Stooges," famously told a story of cutting his long hair in a circle to get his classmates to stop teasing him (via Mental Floss). It can't be argued that his cut isn't iconic, but to bring the look up to date, you'll need to do more than just focus on the circle part of the cut. It's the updates this hairstyle has received that are making the bowl cut so popular right now. The color, cut, and style all matter.

For web series creator and stylist Kandace Banks, who frequently shares her stylish, short bowl cut on Instagram, the inspiration for her new cut came from fashion and hair icons of the '90s. In an interview with Coveteur, Banks explained that her biggest inspirations were Nia Long and Halle Berry, two women known for making short hair fashionable and appealing. Adding a stylish side part or keeping the crown area teased will help you channel your inner '90s superstar. 

Here's how to keep your bowl cut fresh

Long hair gets a bad rap for being hard to maintain, but that doesn't mean short hairstyles are a wash-and-go look. Like any hairstyle, the more love you show to it in the morning, the better it will look throughout the day. 

If you want your bowl cut to stay sharp and glamorous, the best thing to do is keep a bottle of TRESemmé One Step Smooth Cream at your side. Bowl cuts are defined by their shape and sleekness, so keeping the style as smooth and frizz-free as possible is of the utmost importance. This product will do both, banishing flyaways and frizz from existence. The One Step Smooth Cream also acts as a heat protectant, meaning your strands will stay hydrated and healthy even when you have to flatten a section or two with a flat iron.

Last but not least, if you find your cut overgrowing its boundaries, head to your stylist for a quick and easy trim. The new bowl cut isn't your at-home haircut like it once was known, so unless you're a whiz with the scissors, leave the upkeep to the professionals.