General Hospital Alum Briana Nicole Henry Opens Up In Rare Postpartum Update

In August of 2018, actress Briana Nicole Henry took over the role of police commissioner Jordan Ashford on "General Hospital," which up to that point had been played by Vinessa Antoine. Henry had a bit of an uphill climb with the viewers, following in Antoine's footsteps, but ultimately became a fan favorite, playing the pragmatic and justice-seeking Jordan until September 2021. Jordan got involved with Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner), who had previously been her partner when they worked at the DEA, and their relationship was rocky to say the least. 

When she left "GH," Henry posted a heartfelt goodbye on Instagram, stating, "To the fans, it took me a while to win you over, but once you saw my heart you made me feel so much love." She also expressed her reason for leaving the show, saying, "I decided it was time for me to move on from @generalhospitalabc and I got nothing but love and support from everyone involved."

Henry and her husband Kris Bowers shared happy family news in March 2022 that they welcomed a daughter named Coda into the world. Now, 14 months later, she's given fans a special update on her life since giving birth.

Henry discloses her medical condition

Actress Briana Nicole Henry recently posted what her life has been life since giving birth to her daughter on Instagram, stating that with Coda, "She's felt like a safe space I can hide from myself. From the part of me that feels so sad and distant from this body I find myself in 14 months after birth." She went on to discuss the mental and physical transformation she's experienced and also disclosed her medical condition, stating, "I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months after I gave birth. Which on top of everything I'd just been through, felt like even more of something to think about and process that I didn't have time for. I'm still wrapping my head around it to be honest."

PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, is a hormone imbalance that causes fluid sacs to appear around the ovaries, and if left untreated could cause heart disease or lead to type 2 diabetes. Although she hasn't had many symptoms, she explained that despite working out regularly, she hasn't been able to lose weight, just maintaining where she is. Henry wasn't looking for sympathy, but merely sharing her issue with other women. 

"I told my husband that I feel most beautiful with Coda," she said, adding, "She has no concept of beauty, she just knows I feel good and safe to her. I'd like to adopt that philosophy. I'd like to be able to make myself feel safe, truly safe."