No Lazy Girl Makeup Look Is Complete Without These Staple Elements

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Spending an hour in the morning to get your face looking presentable simply isn't cutting it anymore. It's not the '50s, and no one has the time for that with their schedule. Take the minimalist approach to your makeup routine by welcoming lazy girl beauty trends into your daily regime, which essentially means using products that are versatile and multifaceted.

You'll have glowing skin that looks like you put in all the effort to get that Instagram-worthy look, but you'll narrow your makeup routine down to 10 minutes or less. For example, using a blush that also doubles as lipstick can save you time, money, and space in your makeup bag. Add to that blush that spreads easily with your fingertips, and it's apply, spread, and go. 

But blush isn't the only area where you can apply the less is more philosophy. Grab your purse and get ready to revolutionize your lazy girl makeup routine with a few must-have timesavers. Get your beauty sleep and look fabulous by adding these lazy girl staples to your makeup case.

Add a little SPF to your moisturizer

When it comes to lazy girl glam, you want to keep it simple; therefore, incorporating a few hacks into your makeup routine is a must. But just because you want to get ready in as little time as possible doesn't mean you should skimp on the products that are the most beneficial to your skin. Olay Regenerist Moisturizer with sunscreen is a must-have beauty item; not only does it thoroughly moisturize your skin but it's also not sticky, has a smooth matte finish, and is great for brightening your complexion for those days when you're feeling good in your own skin. 

Additionally, the anti-aging formula is loaded with smoothing and hydrating ingredients to give you gorgeously supple skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For when you need to add just a little color to your face, try mixing foundation with your moisturizer. You get the benefits of SPF and moisturizer in a dewy foundation that gives your skin a radiant glow. 

How much foundation you mix with your moisturizer is going to depend on the day. Try a 2:1 ratio of foundation to moisturizer for fuller coverage, or add more moisturizer to your foundation for just a hint of color. It gives you that natural glow you crave and keeps your foundation from getting cakey and dry on your skin. Your skin has that radiant glow; now it's time to add a little sun.

Get that sun-kissed glow

You don't have the time to deal with a lot of products, especially when you're on vacation or have to be out the door in less than five minutes to get somewhere important. So it's nice to have certain things in your makeup bag that can do double duty, like the Loreal Paris Infallible Bronzer. In addition to providing 24-hour wear and a soft matte finish, it's a buildable formula that can take you from a soft glow to extreme contouring. 

Several shades are available to make sure you're able to match your unique skin tone without going too light or too dark. And, unlike some bronzers on the market that can dive deep into your pockets, the Infallible formula is very affordable from several online vendors. You can also embrace your desire to be a bit lazier in the morning and use this formula to bronze, contour, and even apply it as eyeshadow

To get the most coverage as an eyeshadow, make sure to use your fluffy brush to help move the product around on your eyelid. Given that it's the same consistency as eyeshadow, your routine of swiping it back and forth along your eyelid isn't going to be affected. You're simply going to build it up to the color you want and go on with you're all set! But bronzer isn't the only product on the market doing dual jobs — your blush can too.

Beautiful blush and lips with one simple move

You likely have multiple different blushes and lipsticks clogging up your drawer, even though you really only use your one favorite shade on most occasions. Rather than wasting your money and time constantly buying new products, try out the lazy girl-approved ILIA — Multi-Stick. Whether you need to give your cheeks a little glow or add a bit of color to your dull lips, you've got everything you need in one simple stick.

This stick is a vegan formula that's made with clean ingredients like shea butter, orange peel, and avocado oil, in addition to winning multiple beauty awards. Since the texture melts on contact with your skin, it's easy to spread on your cheeks with a brush or even your fingers if you're feeling particularly sluggish. Plus, the different oils offer the added benefit of moisturizing your skin, which is great if you're experiencing a bout of irritation or dryness.

The flawless application of this stick and ease of use are also perfect for trying your hand at blush contouring, especially when you don't feel like putting in a lot of effort. You just apply some product, work it in with your fingers, and go on with the rest of your day. Now that you've got skin, cheeks, and lips that wow, it's time to move on to something simple for fabulous eyes. 

Easy eyes with no fuss or fallout

Trying to get your eyes popping and sharp can feel like it takes forever, especially when you have to do them before the rest of your face due to the fallout from your eyeshadow. Now, you can quickly throw on your foundation and have a perfect eyeshadow look in minutes by adding Beauty Pie Wondercolour Longwear Cream Shadow Stick to your makeup application.

This crease-free, non-flaking formula comes in multiple vibrant and nude colors to meet all your eyeshadow needs, and the cream formula is so easy to blend that all you need to do is swipe it across your eyes gently. If you don't have a brush available, blend out this formula easily with the tip of your finger — which is handy if you need to apply makeup on the commute.

While these sticks are fabulous for a simple, vibrant, night out, one-color blue or purple style, get beautifully blended outer corner and lighter inner eyelids by trying these sticks with a simple TikTok hack like vertical stripe eyeshadow, as @abby.d.davis demonstrates, by applying the different shades in straight, vertical lines across your eyelid from darker to lighter. Then, simply blend until you get the subtle gradient you're looking for. However, your gorgeous eyelids aren't going to pop without beautiful brows.

Alluring eyebrows to liven up your face

No one likes to spend hours each morning trying to get their brows tamed into submission. Some days it feels like a losing battle, where you just end up giving in and are left wondering if shaving your eyebrows off will ever be the new hit trend. Allow yourself to get those few extra minutes of beauty sleep and still look like you were born with full, luscious eyebrows by adding REFY Brow to your morning routine.

The clear formula tames wayward hairs so you can sculpt and shape them to your heart's desire. And you don't have to worry about those hairs working their way back down since the gel sets quickly, allowing you to walk out the door in minutes. Plus, with all those hairs now bowing to your command, you'll easily see where any fill-in might be necessary. Gorgeous brows without having to skip on enjoying your morning coffee! 

Time-saving hacks are everywhere on Instagram and TikTok, especially beauty and makeup hacks, but choosing products that make your lazy side happy is a time-saving trick you'll want to try immediately. Hop on the lazy girl makeup trend to get your face looking flush and lustrous in less time.