How Should You Style A Strapless Dress For A Night Out?

Styling a strapless dress for a night out doesn't need to be expensive or time-consuming. In most cases, it's simply a matter of swapping out accessories or layering pieces in a way that works for the weather — and the vibe. Take, for example, this look shared by @tessa_port. The yellow dress on its own is a cute, casual daytime fit. By night, however, adding accessories like the neck scarf or an edgy upper arm cuff gives the look a PM-perfect refresh.

Of course, when styling a strapless dress for general evening shenanigans, there are a few things to ask yourself. First, what's the weather forecast? If it's going to be chilly — or if you're going near the shore, where it's breezy — you'll want to plan for an optional top layer, like a shrug or trench coat. Weather aside, a strapless dress pairs well with most shoe styles, but your overall look should be finished with shoes appropriate for how much (or little) walking or dancing the night has in store. Once these wisdom nuggets are in place, let the accessorizing and style-layering begin!

Style your strapless dress with layered necklaces

When styling a strapless dress with necklaces, the length of the jewelry is critical. Generally speaking, you can wear whatever necklace sparks joy for you, but it can get frustrating if caught in the dress's neckline. You can avoid this by wearing a long necklace that hits below the bustline or something short like a choker-style look. Here, the style gurus at @mstylestores provide a little layered necklace inspiration that works beautifully with a strapless dress. The gold chains are versatile enough to wear with most strapless looks.

Keep it classic with a chic white dress

If you're looking for maximum impact with the least effort, a chic white strapless dress will never fail you. First, it's a timeless look that gives a bit of Old Hollywood — perfect for a night out. From a getting-ready standpoint, though, a white strapless is easy to style, primarily because it's so striking on its own you can get away with a minimalist look. In this example from @victoriiatran, the only accessories are a simple mini pearl necklace and strappy gladiator heels, yet the look is stunning.

Pair a strapless dress with sneakers

One of the best ways to style your favorite comfy sneakers is with a dress, especially if you're planning a night out with a lot of walking. This cute look takes a simple strapless tube dress and elevates it with accessories. The fit relies on a monochromatic theme with shades of brown in the dress, a designer handbag, and cute sunnies, but the sneakers finish it off with a pop of contrasting white. The curvy, on-trend look is giving Kim Kardashian, and it's an easy night-out look to recreate.

A strapless denim dress is easy to style for a night out

Ah, denim — is there anything it can't do? So far, all signs point to no, and @lifeasyem is no exception. Take style inspiration from her, creating a variety of night-out looks with one strapless denim mini for different night-out looks. Style a classic evening look by pairing the strapless dress with black heels — a cute outfit for dinner. Or style the dress over a white long-sleeved shirt with tall black boots. You can also add a cute blazer for the win.

Styling a strapless dress? Add a cute belt

Sure, once upon a time, belts' sole purpose was to hold up pants, but thank goodness those days are long gone. Today they serve as both function and fashion and pair well with strapless dresses. Adding a belt to a dress can create a cute silhouette, but they're also an opportunity to celebrate your accessories, like in this look. We love the nod to Y2K butterflies in the colorful, dainty buckle. On the other hand, big belt buckles are making a comeback, so play with what works best for your outfit.

Layer a strapless dress and trench coat for chilly nights

The unrivaled beauty of a trench coat over a strapless dress is all any of us need on a breezy night. We love this cool look from @kaylaseah, especially because it's just three classic pieces you probably already have in your closet. Grab a strapless dress and pair it with tall boots and a trench coat. She combines olive, white, and black in this fit, but the format works with any aesthetic. The long trench coat over the ankle-length strapless dress creates an appearance of height for a chic look.

Big celebration? Pair a strapless dress with flowery hair accessories

A strapless dress is an open invitation to add accessories around the neckline. Since the eye's gaze will naturally land on the open neckline, it's a chance to have some fun with accessorizing. Your first thought might be necklaces and earrings, but @spiritusomnia reminds us of how versatile flowery hair accessories are. Of course, this look might be appropriate for a gala, but apply the same idea to a night-out look by adding a dainty flowered headband to your strapless dress outfit.

Mix and match glam and streetwear

Yup, she just did that. @carlita_elizabeth routinely delivers the ultimate balance of real-life wow. The style guru starts in a glamorous red satin dress, looking like she's about to fend off the paparazzi. However, in a surprise twist, she styles the fancy strapless dress with bold, colorful streetwear pieces, like a bright team-style coat and crisp white Pumas. Around the waist, she layered chains, and up top? Oversize glasses and a chunky black messenger bag balance out the look. So, dig that strapless bridesmaid dress out of the closet ASAP.

Add a pop of color to your strapless dress fit

It's easy to create a cute strapless dress look by choosing a solid-colored dress and adding bright accessories. This indigo-hued look pairs a blue dress with a bold pink and orange clutch and a necklace in a similar color. One easy way to pair contrasting colors is by referencing a color wheel. This dress is blue, so colors opposite blue on the wheel — like orange, pink, and red — work well. In the end, the rainbow is your muse, so get creative.

Let your dress showcase a statement necklace

Here's one last little love letter to the strapless dress — and its endless night-out fits. This inspiration comes from @becrayonized, and it's a master class in the essential role a strapless dress can play when you want to show off a statement necklace. Of course, for a piece of jewelry like this, the outfit has to be somewhat neutral so it doesn't steal the spotlight from the unique accessory. This strategy will catapult your outfit into the "all eyes on you" category, no doubt.