GH Star Nicholas Chavez On The Secret Behind Spencer And Trina's Epic Reunion Embrace

"General Hospital" fans are still reeling not only from the amazing tale of Laura Collins (Genie Francis) and her band of champions, who defeated the evil Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy), but also Trina Robinson's (Tabyana Ali) amazing leap into the arms of her boyfriend, Nikolas Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez). As the Port Charles heroes converged on Victor's underground bunker where he was planning to release a biological weapon, the villain took the pathogen, making a hasty retreat for the Haunted Star. Realizing the world would be devastated if Victor succeeded in escaping, his nephew Spencer pursued Victor, leading to a showdown on the boat.

Incredibly, with one arm, Spencer rendered Victor unconscious just moments before the ship was destroyed by the World Security Bureau. As the team made their way to their escape plane, they feared Spencer perished in the explosion. However, he showed up soaking wet and limping, much to their happiness. Trina was so ecstatic that she raced over to him and leapt into his arms, almost knocking him over in a moment that gave fans all the feels.

While fans were saddened when Shaughnessy bid au revoir to his fun portrayal of the villainous Victor, they were overjoyed at the reunion of Trina and Spencer and had many questions about how her leap was filmed — which Chavez enthusiastically answered.

Tabyana Ali improvised Trina's spectacular leap

After the historic battle of good versus evil was aired, "General Hospital" star Nicholas Chavez posted a video on Twitter, captioning it, "Alright alright I'm going to get better at social media so I'm trying a new thing. Introducing ... Behind the Scenes with Nicholas — Pt. 1. Tabyana [Ali] jumping into my arms was a spur of the moment improvisation."

He explained that he and Ali rehearsed the scene, which was supposed to be them simply hugging and turning to the other characters before kissing, just one time. Then he stated, "Tabyana, in the spur of the moment — and I love her, I love that she did this — in the spur of the moment when we go to the actual take, I'm like walking with a limp, I've come from just diving off the [ship]. And she jumps, [leaping] into my arms without warning." Chavez joyfully added, "It was beautiful. I loved it." He further explained that Ali's leap was totally improvised — not even Chavez knew she was going to do it. He described the moment as "sweet," and enthused, "We just had an amazing time filming it. Definitely one of my favorite things I've ever filmed for 'General Hospital.'"

Learning about this fact made the scene even more profound for the audience, with one fan gushing, "Shut the front door. That makes that particular scene even more EPIC ... Literally gold!"