What We Know About The New June Weddings Hallmark Flick Love's Greek To Me

Wedding bells are ringing in summer 2023 on the Hallmark Channel. Hallmark's June Weddings movie collection introduces four wedding-themed movies throughout the month of June, one dropping each Saturday. The June Weddings series is an annual tradition for the network, and past films in the series include "Wedding at Graceland" starring Kellie Pickler and Wes Brown and "Marrying Mr. Darcy" starring Cindy Busby and the adventurous Ryan Paevey.

This year's wedding processional — or June Weddings lineup — includes triple-bridesmaid adventures in "Wedding Season," wedding planning woes in "The Wedding Contract," and discoveries about matchmaking in "Make Me a Match." Also included is the border-hopping "Love's Greek to Me," which will be the second movie released and stars Torrey DeVitto and Giannis Tsimitselis as established couple Ilana and Mike.

Unlike other Hallmark movies that are usually about couples finding each other and falling in love, Ilana and Mike are already in love — and about ready to take the next step after dating.

In the film, Mike pops the question in Greece

In "Love's Greek to Me," Mike's family is from Greece, and he and Ilana travel there for Mike's sister's wedding as Ilana is tapped to be the American Maid of Honor in the ceremony. However, when Mike proposes to Ilana, his mother, Athena, immediately swoops in, overwhelming Ilana due to her excitement about the nuptials. The film also stars Marina Sirtis as Athena and Katerina Konstas as Mike's sister Alex.

Torrey DeVitto portrays Ilana and has most recently been seen in Hallmark's "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" in 2022 as actress-turned-play-director Madison. She's also known for playing Dr. Natalie Manning on "Chicago Med" for six seasons. Giannis Tsimitselis, also known as Yannis Tsimitselis, brings Mike to life in "Love's Greek to Me," and this is his first Hallmark movie. Previously, he has acted in many Greek films, such as "Sirens in the Aegean" and "The Bachelor" series.

Love's Greek to Me was filmed on-location in Greece

"Love's Greek to Me" will premiere on the Hallmark Channel on June 10, 2023. In an Instagram post of photos from her time shooting the movie in Greece, Torrey DeVitto says: "That's a wrap, Santorini! I can not say enough wonderful things about this experience and the people I got to work with. Can't wait to share this project with you all!"

Parts of the movie were filmed in Bulgaria as well, and it is not the first Hallmark movie to take place in Greece and film in such beautiful locations. The sixth installment of the popular "The Wedding Veil" series, titled "The Wedding Veil Journey," was set in Greece as well when two protagonists went there for a honeymoon. "The Wedding Veil Journey" is also iconic because it is the first film production to ever film at the Lindos Acropolis in Rhodes, Greece. 

Even if you don't have a real wedding to attend this wedding season, Hallmark has you covered with its exciting lineup and picturesque locales.