Trendy Spring Colors To Try At Your Next Manicure Appointment

There is nothing as relieving as the first day of spring. Suddenly the sun is shining, and the world feels full of promise. It's crazy what a little vitamin D can do for your dopamine levels. You'll probably see it not just in yourself but in your hometown — life returns after the winter. You can finally pull off your heavy coat and show off your fashion sense. With this vast energy shift, you might make extra trips to the makeup store, order a few extra sundresses, and head to the salon.

Changing up your look to match the season's vibe is a fantastic way to feel in sync with the environment — and that includes your manicure. You'll want to be intentional about your nails to help set the tone for your look. While winter and fall manicures tend to trend toward dark colors and deep neutrals, spring offers an endless color wheel of bright options. Why not peruse some trendy spring colors for your next manicure appointment?

Morning dew

It's normal to be hesitant when it comes to green nail polish. The color has several less-than-appealing associations. But in the springtime, everyone rediscovers their appreciation for the calming shades of green. What is a more beautiful and soothing sight than green grass in the early-morning sun with dew sprinkled across its blades? This incredible, glossy verdant polish reminds us of that exact visual. If you want something that will look understated but unique, this is the shade for you.

Tulip red

Nothing is more delightful than walking down the sidewalk on what you thought was just another cold day in February to suddenly discover bold bulbs of red tulips sprouting beside you. In many places, landscapers plant tulips strategically for this exact reason. The color of a red tulip is a lovely, classic choice for a manicure if you want to catch people's attention, like a tulip blooming at the end of winter. Maybe this association is the real explanation for Tik Tok's "red nail theory."

Banana Laffy Taffy

Were you ever a Laffy Taffy fan? They'd sell this sugary delight at the cafeteria or snack shack, and every once in a while, it simply just hit the spot. With its bright-but-faded yellow hue, this nail color will take you back to your elementary school days. If you want to be reminded of a time when you felt more playful and carefree, this color could be the perfect way to do that. This yellow will look especially good against warmer skin tones, but it can be a fit for all.

Soft blush

It feels like blush has become a beauty obsession now more than ever. Everyone has been taking crash courses to learn how to properly apply cream blush so they can get the natural glow everyone wants. We all look a bit better with a warm flush on our faces. That's why if there is one color we will bet looks good on anyone, it's this one. If you're unsure what shade of blush to get and want something reliable, a shade with pink tones that resembles a soft flush will be a safe bet.

Prima donna pink

Spring really has a way of sending those dopamine levels soaring. You can suddenly wear everything in your closet. Sweaters, skirts, jeans, and jackets — anything goes. What makes you feel your most confident is what matters. If you're feeling yourself, sparkly nails are the perfect embodiment of that feeling. This shade of rose is the one for you if you want something feminine and flashy. Underscored with a golden champagne glow, these sparkles are a chic-yet-sassy option.

Golden hour

People say that cloudy weather is the best weather for nice photos. However, your chance of catching a golden hour becomes tremendously slim when it's cloudy. If you don't know what we're talking about, it's that time of day when the sun is just beginning to set and starts sinking into the horizon. As it lowers, everything in sight has a golden, glowing tint, bringing magic to the world around us. This beautiful and iridescent bronze polish lets you capture that moment in your manicure.

Electric blue

There is a reason that "spring cleaning" is a thing. When the sun is out, you finally have the mental space and energy to organize and purge what no longer serves you. When the clouds have left the sky and the cold no longer hinders you, the world feels brighter and full of possibility. This electric primary blue color is the perfect way to remind yourself of the inspiring sense of clarity and vigor that springtime brings.

Blood orange

There are not many downsides to winter ending and spring beginning, but one of them is that the citrus season is coming to a close. Once April and May play out, the peak season for goodies like blood oranges will come to an end. So, you might as well pay them some tribute with your nail color. If you have zero concern for the fact that this delicious product will no longer be available, you should still take advantage of the gorgeous nail inspiration they provide and go for a bright, blood-orange manicure.


One of the best things you can do for yourself in the spring is to take yourself to a botanical garden and stroll through the blooming rows of flowers. If you're getting your nails done or doing them yourself, you're no stranger to self-care. What's a better way to take a relaxing break and reconnect with yourself than to appreciate one of nature's most beautiful sights? You might find nail inspiration in the bolstering lilac bushes along the way. Its color is a soft, subtle nod to the season of florals.


For some people, it doesn't matter what time of the year it is — they will be wearing mostly black with an occasional neutral. If this is the case for you, most springtime nail polish colors might not be your cup of tea. But you can still embrace the season of bloom while maintaining your more somber color palette. For example, opt for a metallic green. While the color is a little on the darker side, the subtle gloss will give it a glow that will make it more lively.

Lime green

When the sun is out, we all gravitate toward sour-and-sweet beverages, whether we're enjoying a cup of ice-cold limeade or a lime-flavored margarita. If you don't have lime in a cold drink, adding a dash of it to just about any meal can brighten up its flavor. The color lime offers this same effect on your mood. For your next manicure, opt for a pastel lime green. It's light and breezy, and it will add a quirky spark to your look.

Peeps inspiration

Every spring, we see storefronts, family homes, and more engulfed by Easter decor. There's no avoiding the Easter pastel palette and Easter bunny advertisements. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, it would be a shame to pass up on its greatest perk — the candy. If you're a fan of marshmallows, you are likely very familiar with Peeps. These marshmallow chicks are dyed with the brightest pastels on the color wheel. For your next manicure, take some inspiration from this sweet treat and choose one or all of their variations.

Just peachy

Springtime is all about renewal. Everyone says that the most challenging times are usually the most fruitful. A cold, long winter should hopefully provide some fruit in your life. If not, you can at least get a nail color that acts like it. This peach-pink nail polish is a lovely feminine springtime color. It's sure to sweeten up your mood. If you're into the balletcore or cottagecore trends, this soft pink should fit right into your vibe.

Pearly white

With fantastic weather comes a flood of events. Parties, weddings, and anniversaries are big celebrations to which you can expect invitations. Pearls are a little clunky for a warmer season, but a light coating of the color can make your manicure the perfect upscale accent. A murky, iridescent white will pair perfectly with neutrals, cool tones, and silver jewelry. If you have more fair, rosy undertones, then a white, slightly pink pearl will be the perfect match. If you have a warmer or olive undertone, try a shade of pearl with a more golden undertone.

Canary yellow

Spring brings about warm weather and possibly a sweet little vacation. It's the perfect time to book a tropical getaway and head somewhere sunny. When you think of a tropical getaway, canary yellow always comes to mind — it evokes mangos, margaritas, bikinis, tropical birds, and, of course, sunshine. Whether you can jet off to a beautiful island or not, channel this beachy vibe with a canary yellow manicure. This gorgeous gold will bring out your sunkissed tan, no matter if its fake or real.

Barbie pink

People have gone crazy over the 2023 movie "Barbie," starring Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling. I mean, just those two actors alone explain the hype. Whether you couldn't be bothered or you are just as obsessed as everyone else, the movie's color scheme is absolutely fitting for the spring season. Barbie's bright, bold pink makes you want to jump into her pink car and head to the beach. Channel this energy by using her vibrant version of hot pink for your next manicure. We guarantee everything you do will feel a bit cheekier and more carefree.

Wheatgrass green

Remember when we were all convinced that drinking juiced wheatgrass was really good for us? If you grew up in the early 2000s, you know exactly what we are talking about. Some of today's supplement aficionados got their start with the wheatgrass craze. While we might have moved on from its semi-fictitious health benefits, we haven't moved on from its color. For your next manicure, wheatgrass green will give your nails the perfect pop to jumpstart the spring season.

Dodger blue

For Angelenos, this is an iconic color, symbolic of the thousands of people wearing Los Angeles Dodgers hats and jerseys as they navigate the city streets daily. If you're a baseball fan or not, the opportunity to attend a Dodgers game is one you should always take. Come April, the team season begins, and everyone flocks to the stadium for a Dodger dog and a good time. Even if you're unfamiliar with this scene, the color can still remind you of a day sitting on bleachers, united with a big metropolitan community under a bright-blue spring sky.

Rainbow rays

While everyone is deprived of sunshine and grateful for the influx of vitamin D that comes with springtime, there are still many times when the clouds roll in and the rain begins to pour. As the rhyme goes, "April showers bring May flowers." However, when sunshine and rain are coming and going more often, there are more chances for rainbows to decorate the sky. This sparkling champagne-colored base reflects the colors of the rainbow when it catches the light, giving the effect of a springtime drizzle.

Stand-out yellow

With the springtime comes festival season, and with the festival season comes the inevitable avalanche of Coachella content. While the festival is intended to be centered around music, from a social media perspective, one of the main focuses is obviously fashion. Planning their outfits from day one to three is a strenuous creative endeavor for most people. How can you stand out in a crowd full of people trying to stand out? Well,  regarding your manicure, this iridescent pale yellow will be unlike anything anyone wears.

Glass nails

It's safe to say the glazed donut trend isn't going anywhere. Fortunately, this glossy, sleek look is a good fit for any season. An excellent choice for springtime is this combo of the classic chrome top coat with a pale nude base coat. We're referring to it as "glass nails" because this shiny, transparent manicure makes it almost look like you have a layer of thin glass pressed to your nails. It's versatile and understated, perhaps the definition of "chic."

Cherry blossom pink

The blossoms of cherry trees are considered one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. In the springtime, the tree's sprawling branches bloom dense bunches of beautiful, soft pink flowers. These delicate flowers are one of the first signs that spring has begun. However, one of the reasons they are so beloved is that they don't remain in this beautiful state for long. After a little while, their petals get swept away with the soft spring breeze as the trees turn green with leaves. Hold onto their fleeting pale pink beauty by getting a cherry blossom pink manicure.

Rosy silver

With a nail color as unique as this, you know you will receive compliments left and right. It has a nude-ish white undertone, but a hint of gray makes it cast silver tones. When this color catches the light, you'll notice a rosy sparkle. We're all familiar with rose gold, but this is making a strong argument for the emergence of a whole new color — rosy silver. The silver elements of this color make it the perfect manicure for cooler skin tones. However, the pink glimmer makes it double as a good match for warmer tones as well.

Pepto Bismol pink

Okay, we know that medication for your upset stomach isn't exactly the most appealing association. But can you think of a more accurate description of this pink? Bubblegum works, but it's a bit too subdued. Since it's spring, we want something that pops, and Pepto Bismol's branding really hit the nail on the head. This manicure set will catch people's eye like the bright pink azaleas that pop up this time of year. Just like Pepto Bismol itself, you can find a color like this at your local pharmacy.


If spring had an official color palette, there's no arguing that pastels would be on it. They are a lighter version of each color, which is kind of what spring is in terms of seasons. It could be considered a light version of winter or a light version of summer. It's a gentle transitional season and pastels are a gentle transitional color from their core pigment. Creamsicle is a bright, beautiful orange shade that can both soften your mood and energize you.

Cloud watching

For the most part, the sky gets bright and blue during the spring, with a few showers here and there. This balance of weather sets the stage for perfect cloud watching. Lying in freshly grown grass or on a picnic blanket, you can look up at the sky and find just about any shape your mind is drawn to while looking up at a billowing cumulonimbus. This milky white color, with the slightest touch of blue, reminds us of a refreshing afternoon looking up at partly cloudy skies.

Rolling hills

Before the summer rolls in with its heat, there's a beautiful balance in the environment. The rainy months come to a close, and suddenly the hills are covered with rich green vegetation. Streets that had been lined with bare, pale tree trunks suddenly become framed with bright foliage. This deep green will remind you of how fertile this time of year is for new beginnings. It is a great nail color for manifesting abundance, luck, and gratitude.

Purple rain

It's not surprising that pop icon Prince decided to claim bright purple as his color of choice. The color has been thought of as a sign of royalty for centuries. In the past, purple dye took extensive time and money to be made and so typically, only members of the ruling class could afford it. The color is rather fitting for Prince's grandiose and avant-garde reputation. If you feel like you rule the world this spring, Prince's shade of bright purple will make you look like it.

Calm periwinkle

Sometimes you want a bright, energizing color without it being too shocking. It's like the difference between matcha and coffee. The caffeine in coffee will come in hot and heavy, which is great. But matcha will give you a long-lasting, subtle boost. This is an excellent way to describe periwinkle. It's the hue of soothing lavender but with enough blue pigment to catch your eye. If you want something more mellow but statement-worthy for this bright season, periwinkle is a great choice.

Aqua tones

Maybe it's just our algorithm, but it seems like everyone is spreading the word about why you should consider taking a cold plunge every day. It apparently has a plethora of health benefits. Nonetheless, we don't have the willpower to endure self-inflicted torture each morning, even if its good for us. So, the alternative? Get a nail color that wakes you up with an icy hue. This bright aqua color is refreshing enough to make us feel like we might as well have done the thing.