What We Know About Hallmark's Mystery Movie, The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost

The last few months have been tumultuous for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries fans. Not only are viewers adjusting to the announcement of a prequel reboot of "Aurora Teagarden Mysteries" without Candace Cameron Bure in the lead, but the cancellation of "Mystery 101," one of the most loved series from the channel, was officially announced in late April.

Despite these changes to the line-up, Hallmark mystery lovers still have some other crime-solving movies to look forward to in the near future. Not only will "Carrot Cake Murder: A Hannah Swensen Mystery" be premiering in late May, but an entirely new film series is set to debut on May 12. Starring "Full House" actress Jodie Sweetin, "The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost" has the potential to be a cozy, crime-solving good time. If you're anything like us, then you're eagerly awaiting the premiere of this newest mystery series, but here's everything we know about the debut movie in the meantime.

Details about The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost

"The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost" follows Jane DaSilva (Sweetin), a singer-turned-sleuth who inherits her uncle's nonprofit detective agency. Assisted by Aunt Sadie (Paris Jefferson) and Detective John Cameron (Stephen Huszar), Jane begins investigating a multi-level marketing company in connection to the death of a client's mother. As a result, the rookie detective begins to realize that the past may be more dangerous than she initially imagined.

Sweetin is most known for her role in "Full House," though she has also starred in her fair share of Hallmark movies, while Huszar has similarly made a name for himself through the network, with mystery fans likely to recognize him from his recurring role in the "Ruby Herring Mysteries" series. For a deeper look at "The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost," check out the trailer on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries website or the official YouTube channel. Otherwise, you can catch the premiere on May 12 at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Jodie Sweetin discusses new movie in interview

Jodie Sweetin has also provided some details about and expressed her excitement for "The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost" in a couple of interviews for the movie. In a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Live, she explains, "I'm really excited for this one. It's different than anything that I've ever done with Hallmark before. It's mystery. There's suspense. There's all kinds of fun stuff."

In addition to starring in and producing the movie, Sweetin also shares that she was able to record an original song for the film. "I was really, really excited because I got to sing the opening song for 'The Jane Mysteries,'" she says, explaining that the song is titled "Love is a Mystery." "I love singing and I think people are really going to enjoy the theme song."

When questioned about her favorite scene, Sweetin encourages viewers to stick around until the very end of the movie. "I think people are gonna love that last scene," the actress says. "We got to do some fun little stunts ... I've certainly never done any stunts in a Christmas movie up until now so this was a new experience for me."