All 5 Times Tom Sandoval Denied Cheating With Raquel Leviss Before Scandoval

Unless you have been living under a rock the past few months, you likely know about Scandoval. If you need a refresher, Scandoval is the scandal involving "Vanderpump Rules" stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, who were recently exposed for their affair while Sandoval was living with his longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix. Madix also happened to be very close friends with Leviss. And while a simple affair among reality TV stars does not seem newsworthy, especially on a show that is successful because of "Vanderpump Rules" most dramatic moments, all of it is being caught on screen has viewers latching onto every moment.


Before the season even reached its halfway point, the affair was revealed, making it easier for fans to pinpoint all the lies Tom Sandoval was telling to his friends and to the cameras. Producers picked their cameras back up and immediately began filming the aftermath of the affair coming to light, but unfortunately for Sandoval, his deceit had already been filmed for everyone to see. In fact, with the idea that he was going to get away with his cheating, he continuously denied any rumors throughout the current season.

When he lied to producers at the first mention of him and Raquel

Before Scandoval broke, the storyline on the new season of "Vanderpump Rules" centered around a different Tom — Tom Schwartz. While watching the aftermath of Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney's divorce, viewers also see Raquel Leviss seemingly going after Schwartz, ignoring Maloney's request to avoid anything romantic or sexual with people in their friend group.


As we know now, the entire Schwartz and Leviss thing was just a front for what was really going on between Leviss and Tom Sandoval. We began to hear about the affair through the rumor mill and when Sandoval caught wind of it, he was quick to deny it. The first time a producer brought up the alleged affair was during an interview segment in which Sandoval replied by saying, "No. Nothing has happened between Raquel and I. Like, nothing. Like it wouldn't happen between, you know, me and Katie." And while this was the first time we watched Sandoval lie directly to the camera, it would not be the last.

When Scheana Shay confronted him about rumors swirling around

Tom Sandoval may have tried to avoid all talk of him and Raquel Leviss in his confessional, but that didn't stop his cast members from continuously being suspicious. It was one cast member, though, who seemed to bust open the lid on their secret. James Kennedy's new girlfriend, Ally, who is a newcomer on the show, opened up in her own confessional about seeing Sandoval and Leviss at The Abbey alone together and how it felt off to her. Once fellow castmate, Scheana Shay, heard this rumor, she brought it up to Sandoval and his reaction was, well, telling.


According to Us Weekly, Sandoval responded to Shay aggressively, saying, "Raquel and I were not dancing all close in a dark corner of a speakeasy. A bunch of us just went to The Abbey. Two of those people happened to be Raquel and I." Of course, we know now that they likely were dancing close in the dark and were, in fact, alone. However, that didn't stop Sandoval from keeping up the façade while he still could.

When he tried to turn things around on Katie

Whether you are a longtime fan of "Vanderpump Rules" or are just tuning in to see what all the drama is about this season, it's easy to see that Tom Sandoval and Katie Maloney do not get along. Their tumultuous relationship comes to a head this season. And while many fans believed it was due to him taking Tom Schwartz's side in their divorce, it now seems clear that it was because of Maloney's involvement in possibly outing his affair.


While it wasn't Maloney who revealed that Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were alone at The Abbey late at night, she did end up taking the fall for repeating it and possibly insinuating that Sandoval and his long-term girlfriend, Ariana Madix, had an open relationship. This caused Sandoval to try and put the blame on Maloney to take the heat off himself, even going as far to say that Maloney was hurting her friend, Madix. "Ariana is not very happy with you right now," he said in a recent episode. "Because you know exactly what you said. Apparently because me and Raquel went to The Abbey and apparently that is where our secret rendezvous is."

When he was caught in a lie about Raquel sleeping over

It seemed easy to brush off one rumor, especially as fellow castmates agreed that it was no big deal. Ariana Madix herself vehemently denied rumors that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss could be together and fellow castmate Scheana Shay agreed, going as far to say that she would trust her own husband to be alone in a bed with Leviss. But when another rumor began to swirl, things started to change.


While Madix was away, Leviss hung out at Sandoval's house. What could have easily been an innocent hangout between friends turned into something bigger as Sandoval got caught in his lies again. After news broke that Leviss was seen leaving his house while Madix was out of town, Sandoval didn't waste any time denying it. The first time he lied about it was through his rep, who immediately said that Leviss did not, in fact, sleep over and she just "stopped by to Tom's house on the way to her interview" for the show.

When he doubled down and lied to Lisa Vanderpump's face

Unfortunately for Tom Sandoval, he didn't let his lover, Raquel Leviss, know that he was going to deny any rumor of her sleeping at his house. When Leviss walked in late to her job at SUR, she said she had spent the night at Sandoval's house, sleeping on the couch. When Lisa Vanderpump, the matriarch of the show, questioned Sandoval about it, he was quick to say it was false. He was caught on camera telling Vanderpump that "she hung out for a little bit and then dipped out. Actually, she left early," via Us Weekly. He later doubled down saying that he meant she stayed in the guest room, not that she left his house.


Although he eventually admitted it, brushing it off like it was no big deal, all of his lies came crashing down on him when the news broke that the two were, in fact, having an affair throughout filming.