Days Icon Deidre Hall Explains Why She Almost Turned Down Playing Marlena

Deidre Hall has been a beloved cast member of "Days of Our Lives" since 1976 when she landed the role of Dr. Marlena Evans on the long-running soap opera. At that stage in her career, Hall reveals that she was looking for something steady and told her agent that she would love to do a soap opera. Shortly after, she found herself auditioning for the part of Marlena and was a bit overwhelmed when she saw all of the other women who were also up for the part. 

"When I got there, you do, unintentionally, bump into some of the other women who are also testing at the same time. I recognized a few of them and I thought, 'Oh man, this just isn't going to be easy.' And so I was so persuaded that I wouldn't beat out those women," she confessed to Soaps.

Of course, Hall was eventually offered the role, but fans may be shocked to learn that she nearly didn't take it. After the actor's agent called her and told her that she had booked the gig, Hall explained that she no longer wanted the role, because she believed that she wasn't the first choice for the character. After Hall's agent explained that no one else turned down the role because Hall was the sudser's first choice, she accepted the part and has become one of the most iconic soap actors of all time.

Deidre Hall celebrates 5,000 episodes as Marlena Evans

Deidre Hall has now appeared on "Days of Our Lives" for nearly 50 years. Her character, Marlena Evans, is one of the most popular and beloved soap characters of all time. Marlena has been part of many epic moments on the sudser such as being possessed by the devil, returning from the dead on numerous occasions, and being brainwashed to believe that she was a serial killer dubbed the Salem Stalker. Marlena is also part of a fan-favorite super couple with her longtime love, John Black (Drake Hogestyn).

Last week, Hall celebrated a huge career milestone when she was honored for appearing in her 5,000th episode of "Days of Our Lives." The actor was celebrated on-screen with flashbacks of some of Marlena's moments. Hall also earned praise from her co-stars, many of whom posted video tributes. "In a world of endless auditions and occasional acceptance, I have been blessed with continuous work and the embrace of a deeply creative family," Hall told E! News of accomplishment. "For over 45 years I have lived an actor's dream."

It may be hard for fans to think of anyone else playing Marlena, and viewers are so glad that Hall accepted the job that would make her a daytime TV legend.