How Prince Louis Reportedly Brought Joy To King Charles During Coronation Prep

Prince Louis has a knack for bringing levity to his royal appearances. While the youngest child of William and Catherine Middleton, Prince and Princess of Wales hasn't been to that many events (he only just turned 5), every time he does step out, Louis is a fan-favorite. Last year, Louis stole the show during Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee with his comedic expressions, exuberant waving, and his dramatic reaction to the loud airplanes during the flypast. 

With three days' worth of events for King Charles' coronation, fans got to see a lot more of Louis up close. Part of the young boy's charm is his lack of self-consciousness. Even when the eyes of the world are on him, Louis is focused on his own experience. When he accidentally got white paint in his hair during the Big Help Out, Louis playfully observed that he was "just like Grandpa," per Hello!

Louis and Charles have a close relationship. As a family friend told Vanity Fair, it was important to the king that his young grandson could attend his coronation. Even before the prince charmed audiences with his yawn during the service and let loose after the long ceremony, Louis proved a valuable addition at rehearsals.  After a tedious day, Louis lifted Charles' spirits just by being there.

Prince Louis appeared beside his grandpa's throne and made him feel happier

As King Charles' May 6 coronation got closer, the monarch had to endure multiple rehearsals in a single day. "[Charles] was sitting on the throne looking glum," a source informed Express. However, the king's demeanor completely changed when he spotted his grandson, Prince Louis, hanging out by the side of the throne. "His eyes lit up and he said, 'Hello, Louis. I didn't see you there.' You could see how much he adored the little boy," the source added. 

With his mood boosted, Charles took the opportunity to bond with Louis over the royal artifacts. "He explained everything to him and pointed out the different gems. In that snapshot the two of them seemed completely entranced," said the source. Along with his two siblings, Louis was on hand at the rehearsals so he'd know what to expect, and, as William, Prince of Wales told fans just before the big day, all three kids had fun participating. 

Louis has a proven track record for bringing out Charles' playful side. "No-one makes Charles laugh like Louis, with his bombastic ways and bursts of energy," a source told New Idea, adding that Charles and Louis also help each other in stressful times: "No-one can calm Louis down like 'Grandpa Wales' can. They have a special bond." This closeness was demonstrated during Queen Elizabeth's 2022 Platinum Jubilee, when Charles bounced and chatted with Louis to help him relax when he was full of energy.