Everything We Know About The Kelly Clarkson Show Drama

Celebrities in recent years have picked up an extra side hustle on the small screen: daytime television. Stars who had originally gotten their start elsewhere in Hollywood have garnered fans through their informal interviews and chats with other celebs. Drew Barrymore was an it-girl of the '90s, having risen to fame in films like "Never Been Kissed" and "Charlie's Angels" — and years later, Barrymore got her own new talk show that has seen steady success. 


Another celeb who took the daytime stage was Kelly Clarkson, and "The Kelly Clarkson Show" seemed to be a new chapter for the revered pop singer. Clarkson's TMI and personal stories on the small screen have made casual fans fall even more in love with her. But rumors about life behind the scenes at her talk show have made some wonder whether the good vibes she radiates on air continue once the cameras stop rolling.

Former staff called 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' work environment 'toxic'

Daytime television has seen a fair amount of work environment scandals. Ex-staffers of the Ellen DeGeneres show attested that the iconic host was — at times — a bit difficult to be around. Now, "The Kelly Clarkson Show" has become the center of a talk show debacle, with a Rolling Stone article chronicling how former employees found the work environment an allegedly toxic place.


Former staffers of the show claimed that they were paid low wages that forced them to take on second jobs just to survive. Additionally, workers claimed not only to be underpaid, but overworked to the point that the situation was negatively affecting their well-being. "I remember going up on the roof of the stage to cry being like, 'Oh my gosh, what am I doing? Why am I putting myself through this?'" said one anonymous former employee (per Rolling Stone).

While the workplace environment seemed to worsen, staffers said that the show's host was "fantastic" and not the source of the anxiety and antagonism.

Former employees claim Clarkson had 'no clue' about difficult work environment

Former staffers of "The Kelly Clarkson Show" did not place the blame on the show's host in the Rolling Stone exposé. One employee said that Clarkson was in the dark regarding how unhappy employees were, with another employee claiming that the show's executive producer, Alex Duda, had kept Clarkson from hearing the cries for help. "I have a friend who's an executive producer who warned me about taking this job because apparently she has done this on every show she's worked on," said a former staffer (via Rolling Stone).


According to IMDb, Duda has worked for a number of daytime television shows, including "The Tyra Banks Show," "Talk Soup," and "Steve Harvey." With several daytime Emmy wins, she has been successful behind the scenes for a number of years. However, social media users are now calling for her to be fired from Clarkson's show. "[C]an [Clarkson] please fire Alex Duda and the other producers who were all creating a toxic work environment instead of trying to "educate" them?" said one Twitter user. Another wrote: "Alex Duda better be out of a job soon with how she treats her staff ..." But here is what Clarkson had to say.

Kelly Clarkson speaks out after Rolling Stone's exposé

The "American Idol" alumna is no stranger to the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. Now as the host of her own show, she has made a statement on social media addressing the allegations that "The Kelly Clarkson Show" is a bad place to work. "In my 20 years in the entertainment industry, I've always led with my heart and what I believed to be right," she wrote. Clarkson said that she loves her team and is committed to "ensuring that not only our team that is moving, but also our new team in NY, is comprised of the best and kindest in the business."


Clarkson referred to the upcoming move to New York for her talk show, though questions remain about who specifically will make up her updated team. "I have always been, and will continue to be, committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment at 'The Kelly Clarkson Show,'" the host said. With their move in the works and questions swarming about staffing, we will see what the next chapters of this drama entail.