Love Them Or Hate Them? General Hospital's Dex And Josslyn Have Fans Split

Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) has finally completed his mission on "General Hospital." Tasked with gathering enough evidence to bring down mafia don Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), Dex infiltrated the criminal organization and handed over a damning video to the mobster's son, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Dex is romantically involved with Michael's sister, Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy), and the two thought once Sonny was put away, Dex would be free of the mob. 

However, Michael's dying wife, Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen), begged him to repair his estranged relationship with his father, so Michael opted not to turn the video in to the authorities to make peace with Sonny. Left in the lurch, Dex now finds his options limited: He can either come clean with Sonny about the real reason he wanted to work with him and most likely be killed, or leave Port Charles forever. Dex explained the situation to Joss, and although she offered to run away with him, he reminded her that her family and life goals are more important. 

Up until recently, the show's fans' biggest problem with Joss and Dex's relationship was that they only ever seemed to have sex and talk about Sonny, and that was about it. Now, as they are poised to try to find Dex a way out of his predicament that doesn't involve running away, or being liquidated mafia-style, fans on social media remain divided over the couple's romance.

There is no Joss and Dex middle ground among soap fans

"General Hospital" posted a screenshot recently of a sad-looking Josslyn Jacks listening to Dex Heller, with the caption: "Josslyn and Dex have a difficult conversation ahead of them, West Coast. Where does he plan to go?" One fan who made it clear they were referring to the characters, not the actors, responded with, "This story is bad. I have ZERO reason to root for either of them, especially Joss — a selfish, smug brat and terrible friend. Dex is a potato. Give us a reason to care about them, or move on." 

Many fans found the storyline boring, but a few were in favor of it with one writing, "I absolutely love these two! Can't wait to watch them kill these scenes!" Another viewer predicted, "They go on the run for the summer," which is a reference to the fact that "GH" often creates summer adventure stories with teen and young adult characters. Hours later, the show posted a clip from the upcoming Joss and Dex scenes from the May 15 episode, explaining, "Josslyn won't let Dex out of her life that easily." 

Fans quickly labeled the story boring and "bland," with one responding simply, "No one cares." On the positive side, many fans are enjoying the characters' chemistry, finding the scenes between them highly emotional and engaging. However, one viewer shared their brutal honesty, posting, "I would rather watch paint dry!"