Denim Maxi Skirts Are In For Summer 2023, But How Do You Wear One If You're Petite?

Summer is around the corner, ushering in a new season of styles and trends to wear. From bright, ruffled blouses to printed scarf tops, we're always keeping track of the hottest summer staples that your wardrobe needs. Among our favorite trends this season are denim maxi skirts. A key component of Y2K fashion, the lengthy look was all over the runway during the spring 2023 shows.

Paired with everything from skimpy bikini tops to matching denim vests, the style dominated spring and is sure to take over the summer. The skirts are versatile in nature, with the ability to fit into any type of aesthetic imaginable and perfect for dressing up or down. While a denim maxi skirt can look good in every scenario, some people may be hesitant to wear them with their body type.

Wearing long or oversized clothing when you're 5 foot, 3 inches and below can often be difficult. Some silhouettes can swallow you up or make you look like a child playing around in their parents' clothing. Read ahead to learn how to wear a denim maxi skirt — instead of it wearing you.

Opt for a cropped top

When wearing a long denim skirt, it can often swallow you up, especially if the hem of your top hangs below the top of the skirt. With a bit of styling, you can trick the eye into believing your waist is higher up than it actually is. To offset the length of a denim maxi skirt, wear a cropped top or jacket. With the midriff showing, it appears that your body is longer since your waist appears to have moved up. When the eyes are drawn up higher, it makes your legs look longer, creating the illusion of a taller body.

For a casual, everyday look, pair this Bandeau Crop Top from ASOS with a denim maxi skirt. Finish off the look with chunky sneakers to add some height. If you're looking to dress up a denim skirt, go for an off the shoulder top since they tend to imitate the look of a longer wingspan.

Buy a midi skirt instead

When you're a petite woman, long or oversized clothing can often look larger than it's supposed to. If you have trouble finding an ideal denim maxi skirt for you, go with a denim midi skirt instead. A midi skirt, particularly the ones created for taller women, will typically fall right above your ankles. When the hem is above the ankles, it lengthens the legs and fits better, without the risk of dragging along the floor or hanging off the body awkwardly.

This Boden Flared Denim Midi Skirt is perfect for petite women. The top half is slightly fitted, which lengthens the body. Meanwhile, the rest of the skirt is flared, which creates a unique, yet flattering silhouette. For something completely fitted, try the Reformation Jayde Denim Midi Skirt. A high rise skirt, it complements cropped tops perfectly and highlights the waist, raising it higher to give you the appearance of longer legs.

Always go with a slit

You know that feeling of shock you experience when a celebrity's height doesn't correlate with the way they come across on the red carpet? Aside from the magic of fancy cameras, it's often created with a slit in the skirt or dress. When a bit of skin peeks out from under your clothes, it mimics the look of a longer body.  To recreate this phenomenon, wear this rag & bone Raw Edge Cotton Denim Skirt with a pair of heeled, fitted boots.

Whether they're cowboy boots or knee-length heels, a tall boot can add some height to your small frame. With a low, block heel and a unique tropical motif, the Black Mystic Scarf Western Boot from Farm Rio is the perfect pair for summer. If you like a classier look, try out the Arielle Cream Leather Boots by Steve Madden. The boots come with a high block heel for added height and a black tip at the front for an interesting spin.

Try the monochromatic look

Wearing different clothing items within the same palette goes beyond color. Double up the denim like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 AMAs and wear denim on top of your denim maxi skirt. If you don't like the Canadian tuxedo look, wear a similar shade that matches the wash of your skirt. By wearing the same color palette and fabric texture, you create a continuous line with your outfit that gives off a taller appearance.

The Met Gala proved that corsets are still one of the hottest trends of the year and they match with maxi skirts perfectly. To channel your inner Britney, wear this Zara Corset Denim Top alongside your maxi skirt, finishing off the look with studded cowboy boots. If you don't care for corsets, opt for a cropped denim vest instead. This '90s Mia Denim Vest from Aritzia comes in three different denim washes, perfect for every shade of maxi skirt you have.

Play around with prints

If you're going with the all-denim look, avoid monotony by incorporating a belt into the look. Belts are everywhere this spring and they help to add structure to a monotone look without altering it completely. Although a chunky belt always looks amazing, they tend to look heavy on petite women. Instead, go for a thinner belt. This Bead Decor Buckle Belt from Cider is the perfect accessory to complement the all denim look. Wear it with tall boots and a cowboy hat to unleash your inner Western-chic.

To appear taller, wear prints that will make your torso look elongated. Vertical stripes are a surefire way to create the illusion of a longer body. When it comes to the size of print you wear, opt for small or tiny prints instead of larger ones. While bigger-sized prints tend to highlight how petite you are in comparison, small prints give off a larger appearance.