Does Your Beauty Blender Belong In The Freezer? Try This Relaxing Makeup Hack

There are a ton of beauty blender hacks out there, but every makeup aficionado will tell you that most aren't worth the effort. Usually, you'll get the best out of a damp and high-quality beauty blender. But here's a hack that might actually work wonders: sticking your beauty blender in the freezer before using it.

The frozen beauty blender hack was started by TikTok influencer gwmakeup, who popularized the hack for a "smooth and flawless finish." The idea behind this hack is that the cold temperature of the beauty blender can help reduce puffiness, soothe the skin, and provide a cooling effect while applying makeup.

Intrigued by this frozen beauty blender trend, we couldn't resist putting it to the test in our makeup adventures. So, armed with our freezer and a trusty beauty blender, we embarked on a chilly journey to discover if our makeup routine was about to get a permanent frosty upgrade.

How to freeze your beauty blender the right way

To get started, you need a clean and high-quality beauty blender. If yours is dirty, hand-wash it with mild soap and warm water until it's clean again. Stains that won't leave are one of the signs that makeup tools are too old, so throw your beauty blender away immediately if you notice this. Next, run your beauty blender under the tap until it is soaked before squeezing to remove excess water. The aim is to get it thoroughly soaked but not dripping wet.

Now it's time to pop your beauty blender in the freezer for at least an hour. When you take it out, it should be hard to touch and difficult to squeeze. And that's it: Your frozen beauty blender is ready to use. Apply your liquid or cream makeup product on your face and blend with the frozen beauty blender. The frozen surface of the blender should spread out your product evenly without absorbing any or ruining your application due to how hard it is.

One of the first things we noticed was how cool and relaxing it feels against your skin. Normal beauty blenders, unfortunately, do not have this effect. Frozen beauty blenders might also help to set makeup more effectively, resulting in a smooth and flawless finish. The keyword being 'might'; not all frozen beauty blenders live up to the hype.

Why you might want to think twice before freezing your beauty blender

First, let's talk about the quality of your beauty blender. If you have a high-quality one, it's made from durable materials that can handle the freezing and thawing process without any issues. But if you're working with a cheap beauty blender, it may hold up poorly. Those budget options can crack, fall apart, or lose shape when subjected to extreme cold. To avoid mishaps, invest in a quality beauty blender that can handle the freeze.

The Beautyblender Original is a popular choice for $20 on Amazon. However, if you're looking for a more affordable option, shop Beaky's beauty blenders, which made it to our list of the best beauty blender dupes of 2021. You can get a pack of two for $6.99 on Amazon. Now, let's talk about sensitive skin. If you often have skin reactions due to temperature changes, freezing your beauty blender might not be the best idea.

Sudden temperature shifts can trigger sensitive skin, and the last thing you want is a skin reaction right before an important event. But here's a little tip: if you were thinking about freezing your beauty blender for its anti-inflammatory benefits, you can use a gua sha or jade roller for similar effects. So, does your beauty blender belong in the freezer? It could — but only if you weigh the pros and cons and make ad decision that aligns with your skin type, circumstances, and preferences.