The Best Beauty Blender Dupes Of 2021

Beauty blenders make the beauty industry go 'round — or at least that should be the saying. Beauty sponges come in all shapes and sizes at this point, but the current obsession with them hails from the OG Beautyblender, which costs $20 at Sephora. While it set the trend, many opt for more affordable beauty sponges because they can typically get the job done for much less money. However, we'll admit that we forever owe the OG blender for changing the beauty sponge game forever.

Whether you believe the original Beautyblender is worth the money or not, you should be replacing your beauty sponges every so often to ensure you're not constantly putting dirt and germs on your face. (Even mold can grow on your Beautyblender if not maintained, so it's best to keep fresh ones on hand.) The need for new sponges is yet another reason why more affordable options will always prove superior, but there's no shame in being a Beautyblender purist either.

In any case, these are just a few of the best beauty blender dupes of 2021 that will have your face stamped better than ever and your purse happy.

Morphe offers an affordable, well-rounded sponge

Discovering the best beauty blender dupes can be hard, but one can always rely on Morphe to pull through with affordable yet effective products. According to ClothedUp, Morphe's Flawless Beauty Sponge is latex-free and makes your skin feel luxurious while applying makeup masterfully. It even comes in different shapes! This beauty sponge retails for just $8 at Ulta, making it incredibly affordable, and Sephora notes that it expertly blends foundation and concealer together. That sounds like a win to us.

These sponges can be picked up whenever you need them

Another equally powerful beauty sponge can be found at your local drugstore and will get the job done effortlessly. According to Byrdie, e.l.f. Cosmetics' Total Face Sponge is also the total package. It costs just $6 at Ulta, and Byrdie declared it the best drugstore beauty sponge option. The sponge is latex-free and vegan, and it's known for its softness. Makeup glides on effortlessly with it, and one of their color options is similar to the OG Beautyblender's pink. No one will know it's not one.

These sponges are best used with powder

A third great beauty blender option can be found online or in drugstores, and, according to CNN, it's none other than Nyx's Teardrop Blending Sponge. Pink in color like e.l.f. Cosmetics' sponge, Nyx's sponge comes in a pack of two and can be purchased at Walmart for just $10, meaning they're $5 a pop and therefore the most affordable yet. CNN notes that this sponge blends foundations and other creams well but it's best suited for powders due to having a flat side that others don't have. This one would be great to have on standby.

Investing in a pack of sponges may be a wiser option

If you're someone who likes to keep their beauty sponges for each makeup product separate, the following product is for you. According to ClothedUp, some of the most affordable yet durable sponges come from BEAKEY. On Amazon, a pack of 5 BEAKEY sponges costs just $10, making them only $2 per sponge. Plus, they're colorful! They even have a 4.5 stars rating at the time of writing. Use one for your foundation and another for concealer, and you've still got three left.

Beauty Bakerie's Blending Eggs are true to their name

Finally, if you want to shop with social responsibility in mind, why not try Beauty Bakerie's Blending Egg Beauty Sponges? Byrdie recommends these sponges because they're firmer than other sponges, which can let you have more control with your makeup placement and blending. Their packaging is also super cute, with the pack of six sponges coming in an egg carton-like container. Six sponges retail for $18 at Ulta, making them $3 each. Plus, supporting Black-owned businesses is always nice.

So, which of the best beauty blender dupes of 2021 will you be taking into 2022?