Everything We Know About Pedro Pascal's Dating History

When we picture a beloved celebrity that fans everywhere can't seem to get enough of, we instantly think of Pedro Pascal from "The Last of Us." He has risen to icon status in recent years, with starring roles on just about every streaming platform.

Today, you may recognize Pascal as the surrogate father to little Grogu in "The Mandalorian" or as the deadly Oberyn Martell on "Game of Thrones," but Pascal's journey to fame wasn't an easy one. Pascal studied acting at NYU and worked odd-end jobs while trying to pursue an acting career for over 20 years. He attributed his success to "constantly readjusting what it meant to commit my life to this profession," per Esquire.

Pascal speaks fondly of his family, who went through many hardships in order for him to pursue his dreams. They immigrated from Chile to the United States when Pascal was only nine months old and bonded over their shared love of movies. When he finally saw success, Pascal's father was one of the first to congratulate him. He told Time, "This fantasy of mine of becoming an actor? I can blame my father for that. He's so amazed. And so happy."

While his love for family runs deep, we can't help but wonder when Pascal will begin a family of his own. After all, he has been dubbed "the internet's daddy." But when we looked into his dating life, we were all too surprised at what we found.

Pascal keeps his dating life close to his chest

Pedro Pascal is extremely private about his personal and romantic life. Currently, he is not married or in a romantic relationship — at least not to any public knowledge. Even still, rumors about his dating life have swirled around through the years.

The U.S. Sun reported that Pascal dated Maria Dizzia of "Law & Order" fame; however, the relationship's timeline doesn't seem to point to a serious romance. While the two shared the screen together in one episode of "Law & Order" back in 2008, it was rumored that their relationship actually blossomed in the 1990s — Pascal would have been merely a teenager at the time. Because of the drastically different information amongst sources, combined with neither party ever confirming the relationship, it's safe to assume that the relationship was merely speculation.

Another romance rumor sparked between Pascal and "The Mentalist” co-star Robin Tunney. According to The Mirror, the pair were seen together multiple times, including at an Emmys afterparty back in 2015. While the relationship was never confirmed, it is believed that the two may have ended things four years later.

Pascal may have had a fling with one of his 'Game of Thrones' co-stars

Like many actors, Pedro Pascal may have a habit of finding love on set. After all, who better to understand your struggles and celebrate your triumphs than with a fellow actor? In 2014, Pascal and his "Game of Thrones" co-star, Lena Headey, were seen together quite a bit, seemingly much closer than your average friendship. Per Daily Mail, Pascal once discussed Headey on a Reddit thread, saying, "Lena is one of my favorite persons... I think everyone on that set and anyone who comes in contact with her develops an instant crush." While that isn't the relationship definer we were hoping for, all signs point towards an off-screen romance. On her Instagram, Headey posted a photo of her and Pascal posing just about as close as you can get, with the caption, "Sunshine love." While we agree that Pascal is a ray of sunshine, the post definitely communicated some romantic undertones.

Headey has long since moved on from her rumored romance with Pascal, marrying "Ozark" actor Marc Menchaca in 2022. According to Brides, many of Queen Cersei's former co-stars were present at the wedding, but Pascal was not among them. While there are plenty of reasons for him to have missed the wedding, one can assume that his lack of an invite could be due to the long-standing custom: no exes at a wedding.

Pascal has more Hollywood besties than we can count

While Pedro Pascal may keep his dating life on the down low, he is not shy about expressing love for his many co-stars and Hollywood peers.

One of his most famous friendships is with "Star Wars" actor Oscar Issac. The two met doing a play on Broadway back in 2005 before either of them was a household name. Pascal discussed Issac in an interview with Esquire, joking, "He's the younger brother I never wanted." In a Wired interview on YouTube, Pascal and Issac answered questions while poking fun at each other the whole time — the way only true BFFs can. The pair are so fond of each other that many people online "ship" them (as the internet loves to do). While Pascal has never publicly spoken about his sexuality, rumors that he is gay are merely speculation at this point. What we see when we look at these besties are two men unafraid of expressing their adoration for one another.

Pascal also has a long-standing friendship with "American Horror Story" actor Sarah Paulson. The two have been friends for over three decades, long before Pascal experienced any fame. Emmy winner Paulson once shared, "There were times when I would give him my per diem from a job I was working on so that he could have money to feed himself." We're sure she is proud that everyone finally sees what she saw in him so long ago.

Pascal became the internet's 'zaddy'

One of the friendships that the internet has gone wild for is Pedro Pascal's relationship with "The Last of Us" co-star Bella Ramsey. The 19-year-old first arrived on the scene as the iconic Lyanna Mormont in "Game of Thrones" and has recently won the hearts of "The Last of Us" fans as Ellie, with Pascal at her side. The relationship between Pascal and Ramsey is clearly one of genuine love and support as a father-daughter duo, both on and off camera. Ramsey expanded on their connection, saying, "I've learned from him to be kinder to myself, which is a thing he's not very good at, in terms of the pressure he puts on himself... I guess that's something that he taught me hypocritically, then I taught to him back." She recalls Pascal's constant singing and goofy nature while on set, bringing a smile to them both on the toughest days.

The internet has definitely picked up on Pascal's protective father vibes and he has been dubbed the newest member of the beloved community of "zaddies." For those who aren't up to date on their Gen Z lingo, "a zaddy is a[n older] man 'with swag' who is attractive and also fashionable," per Merriam-Webster. In a viral TikTok, Entertainment Tonight let Pascal know all about being dubbed the "daddy of the internet," to which he confirmed, "Yep. I am your cool, slutty daddy." He seems to have fully embraced his title — which is true zaddy behavior.

The many memes of Pedro Pascal

Fans have fallen in love with Pedro Pascal for many reasons. Not only is he an incredible actor with the ability to move viewers to tears without ever showing his face a la "Mandalorian," he is also considered an "unproblematic fave" who genuinely seems like a cool, nice guy every time he's on camera. Even towards paparazzi such as TMZ, notorious for pushing even the kindest of famous people to the edge, he smiles and politely answers their questions.

Pascal's personality is so beloved that he has become the subject of many viral memes on social media: from his wide-eyed, slightly delusional smile aimed at Nicolas Cage while "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" plays to the simplicity of him eating a sandwich, Pascal is a walking, talking meme. His appearance on the famous "Hot Ones" interview with host Sean Evans also gave the internet plenty of meme-worthy content and 

SNL even spoofed his internet fame in a sketch where Pascal played a handsome teacher that students could not stop making "fancams" of. The hilarious sketch is extremely true to life, and we love how well Pascal can poke fun at himself.