Genie Francis' Daughter Made A Surprise GH Appearance And You Didn't Even Know It

Things are finally turning around for Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) on "General Hospital." Sasha is the face of Deception Cosmetics, and early on in her career, she turned to drugs to help her get through the pressure. She also went through hell after she and her late husband Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor) had to pull the plug on their brain dead baby, Liam, in a gut wrenching story. She also had several public breakdowns, including one on the live home shopping program, "Home & Heart." On top of everything, Brando was murdered by the Hook killer. Suffice it to say, fans have been upset by Sasha's never ending torture

On "Home & Heart," after just coming off of Liam's death, Sasha was supposed to be helping sell products, but host Haven de Havilland (Morgan Fairchild) had her hocking a baby carrier. The stress sent Sasha off the rails on live TV, causing the show's sales to skyrocket. Now, history has almost repeated itself as Deception booked a slot again on "H&H," and Haven hoped another Sasha breakdown would boost sales once more. Steeling herself, Sasha succeeded without incident, even though Haven tried to have her staff gaslight Sasha by playing baby crying sounds in her earphones. Fortunately, Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) had gotten wind of Sasha's new TV appearance, and showed up just in time to threaten the production staff that if they didn't stop the baby sounds, he would streak across the set, causing the show a hefty FCC fine.

Fans want to see more of Eliza Frakes

"General Hospital" posted the video clip on Twitter of Sasha Gilmore being gaslit by Haven de Havilland's crew on the fictional "Home & Heart" shopping show, with the caption, "Cody resorts to drastic measures when he realizes the Home & Heart team is sabotaging Sasha." Viewers were delighted that Cody helped her out without taking credit, and felt he and Sasha would make a good couple. 

Fans were also surprised to see Eliza Frakes — daughter of "GH" legend Genie Francis (Laura Collins) and Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker, "Star Trek: The Next Generation") — playing Julie, one of Haven's production assistants. Julie was tasked with playing the baby sounds, and she reluctantly did so until Cody Bell came to the rescue with his threat of streaking naked on the live show. Afterwards, Julie apologized to Sasha, who wasn't upset at all. 

Frakes has been in several short films, including one called "Catharsis," which she also wrote and directed. Across Twitter, fans were happy to see Frakes, with one posting, "Genie's daughter!" Watching Frakes' hilarious reaction as Cody starts to take his clothes off caused one viewer to write, "Eliza was giving great reaction shots! Can she stay?" The "GH" fans were so happy to see Frakes in her debut, and we're also hoping she becomes part of the cast!